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Cupcakes! Nom nom nom... I think it should be usefull for arts inspirated by My Little Pony :D You don't need to ask for permission to use it. But you should credit me. Oh.. and don't forget to send me link to your artwork :P
I hope you'll like it!

Tools : Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Do you happen to have a transparent black and white cupcake? 
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Excuse me..Is it okay to use this picture commercially? sorry for bad english ㅠㅠ
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R u taking requests?
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You should add Spike's birthday cupcake
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:thumb273308766: :iconliamb135: did it a long time ago :)
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Your vector served as base for cutie marks [link]
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Thanks, I've been looking for this ^.^ I used your blue cupcake with sprinkles in my picture: [link]
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YES! THANK YOU! This is the one picture i've been looking for! :D
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Cupcakes and mlp? they don't mix anymore because of that horrid fanfiction.
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I know. But the animation was pretty good :D
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At first the title scared me.. XD
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It's a MLP fanfic. Don't look it up..
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Sorry,,, I just did... weird...
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They look so good! Could I use?
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Of course you can :D and I'll be happy if you use it. Just put a link back to my profile somewhere near the finished piece and send me a link to your finished art. That's all :D
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I- I want the green apple one momie!!!
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Here you are :iconderpyclapplz: My Dear Derpy!
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