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Demon's Crest

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Here are the characters from the platform game named "Demon's Crest", the third game of serie "Gargoyle's Quest". As the title says, the game takes place in the Demon's Realm, also playing as a demon who is going to scour the world in search of 6 Magical Crests that have fallen from the sky, each one representing a element: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Time and Heaven.

The list belows are the characters names, their Crests and how to find and get them:

FIREBRAND (aka Red Demon) He is a anti-hero with his standard form, the character already has the Crest of Fire since the beginning of game. As the name says, he spits fire balls, outside it, also spits Busters (Works to cause more damage to enemies), Claws (Works to climb the walls) Tornado (Works to make platforms and jump higher) and Demon Fire (stronger than fire ball).

GROUND GARGOYLE – Different of the others forms, it doesn’t fly, but has a skill that can break obstacles (like statues, stones, etc.), can spit blasts that travel along the ground, while in the air (jumping) is limited and this form is controlled by the Crest of Earth.  To get this crest, go to the Canyon stage and face for the first time the General Arma.

AERIAL GARGOYLE – It is the form that can fly higher, can spit blades and as the name says, this form is controlled by the Crest of Air. To get this Crest, go to the Temple stage and face the Arma on his second encounter.

TIDAL GARGOYLE – This form is the only one that can support the water, like Ground Gargoyle, it doesn’t fly, but can swin under the Waters, can spit jetstreams and the name explains everything, this form is controlled by the Crest of Water. To get this Crest, instead facing Arma again and again, go to Water Castle stage and face the Crawler.

LEGENDARY GARGOYLE – Say it’s the true form of Firebrand with all the present skills, with the strongest health count of the skin and this form is controlled by the Crest of Time. To get this Crest, go to the Ice Castle stage and face Arma for the last time.

ULTIMATE GARGOYLE – This form is a fusion of all the previous others, consider it as a clone of Legendary Gargoyle, but with different colors, the only difference, it can spit a fire-blast and this form is controlled by the Crest of Infinity. To get this Crest, go to the Cathedral stage, only when Phalanx is defeated, with the game beated, the password appears after the credits. Then, with the password filled, the player already has the last Crest to face the true and last boss: The Dark Demon.

Demon’s Crest © Capcom, 1994 (SNES)

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FandomFoodie's avatar I just did a written piece of the broader shared Universe of Ghosts N' Goblins (and in the process I found a link to the Street Fighter Universe). I was about to do the video teaser to draw attention to it, and I was wondering if I could use this image, while providing a link.

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Hells yeah, more Demon’s Crest fan art!! :horns: This looks great, I dig how you rendered not only every form (really nicely, may I add! The aerial gargolye’s my favorite), but the crests themselves, s’a nice touch When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Nice job here, just one feedback the Ultimate Gargoyle power is not from the Crest of Heaven, it is from the Crest of Infinity wich gives the power of all Crests.
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Firebrand had become a Legend.

After conquering all the crests he just

get rid himself from all of them, showing

that he need only have trust in himself,

instead of depending all time of some

external power.

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This brings back so many memories ^^
Really loved this game and I think it's a really underrated gem, thank you for making this ^^
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Best artwork from Demon's Crest, good job! 
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Glad you liked it, Thank you!
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