How To Make Aeon's Clocksword

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*NOTE* This is to make a better, different version of the clock than I made. It includes how to make the soul keys, which I forgot to attach to my clock, and thus had to stick circles to my clock instead of keys, to make the before-game version of it. Also, I added ways to make the clock hands -not- bend, so your clock will hopefully turn out better than mine did.


-foamboard (several sheets. Like 7)
-foam cutter
-black electrical tape (several rolls. approximately 5)
-blue electrical tape (approx 2 rolls)
-silver foil tape (approx 4 rolls of the normal size)
-white glue
-lightish blue paint
-dollar store silver paint
-paint brush
-long, thin dowel
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks (approx 5 packages, it's better to have far more)
-duct tape (any colour)
-silver rings from the dollar store (large)
-dollar store decorative mirror (must have a rim)
-white paint
-anything else I've neglected to mention.

It's probably best to read this through once before making it, as I do mention the dowel at the end. However, The dowel probably -can- be added at the end.

First you take a long piece of foam and trace out the minute hand on it, making sure that its full height is taller than your waist. Then add about three inches extra, that's what you put "inside" the clock so that it stays.
Then you cut out what you traced with a foam cutter. Cut the "arms" of the minute hand out seperately, you only need two.

Trace this shape four times on sheets of foamboard (it'll probably be too tall, so it's okay if you can't trace the tip of the blade). Then cut them out, making sure that two of the pieces are approx. one inch thinner, and the other two are approx 1.5 inches thinner. This way you can get the sword more bevelled. Also cut out four rectangles of foamboard, approx 1" wide, to glue onto the arms.

Next, glue the arms on. I believe they go level with where the one side of the blade starts to curl. Then bevel the edges of the blade (I used a keyhole saw for this). This basically means shave the sides until it looks like <=> if you're looking directly at the point of the blade. Then hot glue all the edges. By this I mean cover the thing in hot glue, then smooth it out with the edge of the gun's nozzle. Then, glue thin strips of foamboard down the edge of the blade so that it doesn't snap or anything.

Next, glue the slightly smaller foamboard blades to the current one, then the smallest on top of those. Also glue the rectangle strips to the arms. Ducttape any pieces that look like they need reinforcement (this would be the section of the minute hand that kept bending on my clock, the thin piece that holds the entire blade up). Then black electrical tape the entire thing so that it's smooth. If you do this correctly, you won't have to paint it. Make sure it's the same electrical tape throughout, I actually saw that different tapes have different sheens to them, depending on the brand. So make sure you buy the same kind.

I then made the hour hand out of more foam. This time I didn't bother to bevel it, but it's pretty much the same principle. I even used the same tracing I used fr the minute hand, as the only real difference is that the hour hand is thinner and has different arms. Anyway, repeat the process, but only put one layer of foamboard on, rather than two. And I made the arms of the hour hand out of two triangles of foamboard glued together on each side.

For the clock itself, buy a large, circular mirror at the dollar store. One of the decorative cheap ones they sell for two dollars. I bought the one with the silver rim, because then it wouldn't be quite as dire if the paint chipped. Anyway, paint the actual mirror part white, that'll be the face of your clock. Cut out strips of electrical tape and tape them down to make the numerals on your clock. Remember, Aeon is an asshole and has thirteen numerals on his clock, so there will be five on the right side of the hands and six on the left (the ten is covered by the hour hand, the three is covered by the minute hand).
Cover the ten and the three with long triangles of electrical tape that meet at a little circle in the middle. These simulate your minute and hour hand connecting in the middle.

Seal the entire thing with glue, paint the rim of the mirror silver, then seal it again.

Buy two large discs of foam (larger than your "clock") and carve the middle of one out. This is really messy, and makes a creepy sound, so do it during the day so you don't freak out your parents. Anyway, carve it so that you can put the clock inside it (don't carve it all the way through, just enough that you can stick the clock in. I think I had approx 1 cm of foam left on the bottom). Hot glue the bottom of the clock and stick it in, then hot glue all around the edges. Electrical tape all the way around this disc, because you can't paint on foam, and tape won't stick well on it. But electrical tape is god and will work on crappy foam like that.

Next, trace out the shape of the "wings" that go around the clock on foamboard, you'll need eight of them. Hot glue thin strips of foam around the edges, just on top of the wings. Add some puke details with hot glue. REMEMBER! Four of the eight wings will have to have all of the designs mirrored, including the foam, otherwise it won't work.

Next, hot glue your minute hand in line with the three, and your hour hand in line with the ten. Hot glue two wings on either side of the hands, making sure the wide part of the wing faces the hand, while the thin part faces the other wing. Tape both the wings and the hands down with electrical tape, just to be on the safe side. (Also, I ran out of glue around here).

Then tape the other wings on, facing the opposite direction, so that the designs will be facing the back. Leave a little space for the handle to go. DO NOT tape the the two sets of wings together. There are not 4 thick wings, but 8 thin ones.

Silver tape all of the wings, front and back. (So push the wings carefully apart and tape between them, it'll look better. Start from the inside first, this way when you push the tape through the holes, you won't get a weird bumpy look on the part of the clock you see the most. Silver tape over the part of the clock you electrical taped. It's optional to tape the rim of your clock face, too.

Take your second foam disc and cover the entire thing with silver tape. (It'll look like a coin)

Take two long rectangle strips of foamboard and glue them together. Take three large metal rings you can get at some dollar stores and silver tape them together. Make sure the rings are LARGE! This is where you will hold the clock from, so it has to be bigger than your hand.

Glue and tape the handle to the ring, making sure to fasten it properly (the ring came off the handle at the end of the con for me, so lots and lots of tape alternating this direction ^ and this direction >;). Then tape and glue the side of the handle without the ring to the space between the rings you made on the back. Glue the silver disc to the back of the clock.

NOW. If you want to do the finished game version of Aeon like I was supposed to, make 13 tear-shaped objects out of foamboard and electrical tape them with blue tape. I then painted them a sort of light blue with leftover paint from my room. Let that dry, then mix dollar store silver paint with glue. Seal it with this. This will give the "soul keys" (as they're called in the game) a silver sheen, but they'll still be blue. So they'll look accurate and epic.

Anyway, glue these to the rim of the clock face, aligned with each number. That's why there are thirteen numbers on the clock, one for each key.

To make the minute hand stronger, I suggest running a thin dowel down the side of the minute and hour hand that connects to the clock, then electrical taping it there. That may prevent the hands of the clock from bending.

And then, to be an accurate masochist, connect a large chain from the ring on the handle of the clock to the keyring on your jacket, so that you can never, every leave your clock again. Isn't Aeon fun?
How to make Aeon's Clocksword from Castlevania.

I decided to get rid of the journal that had it, and instead use it as a document. lol

Sorry I didn't make a normal tutorial with pictures and stuff, but...yeah.

To see the prototype for this tutorial, look for the Aeon cosplay in my gallery.

HOWEVER. This tutorial is to make a BETTER clocksword than the one I made. I wrote it AFTER I made mine, so I knew what adjustments had to be made.


...and sorry for the stupid category. I wasn't allowed to upload it to anything else?
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oh man, that was a wicked plot twist.
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when the tape and the glue ganged up to form a new alliance? sheer genius.
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absolutely. we need to get this published.

(on a related note, we should play storytime.)
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there is no other way. it must be done.

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it works well in groups of people.

everyone contributes one sentence to a story.

i.e. "there once was a man in a far far away land."
"he was standing on a cliff when he something in the distance."
"the object grew closer and closer until it's figure proved to be ...."

it usually gets whacky and it's good fun.
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lol! I know that game, then. Don't you usually play it on a piece of paper so you can hide most of the story until then end? something like that..?
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haha really? my friends and I just played it over the internet in chatrooms.

I don't know if the story is supposed to be hidden. we never hid it.

it's still super fun. lolz
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xD Both ways sound good
I suppose the story would make more sense if you could read it xD I think my friends and I might have been playing wrong...
We should try sometime
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