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MAS The Promise of a Lustful Time (N5906)

Name: MAS The Promise of a Lustful Time (N5906)
Stable Name: Apollo
Age: 9 Years
Gender: Stallion

Breed: Pure Padro 
Height: 189cm
Color: silver sooty black CHIMERA FRACTURED HALLOW JIMINY SEJUL STAKORN + unnatural tail and feathering (dun white tobiano splash Gudial Leroux carrier)
Eye Color: Purple
Markings: Jiminy markings on the neck, Chimera markings (grullo) on back legs, Hallow and Sejul markings on the belly
Genotype:  Ee aa nD nZ nSty nW nT nSpl ntl nft nCcm FrcFrc nGdl nHlw JmnJmn nLrx nSjl StkStk me
Class: Monster
Build: Heavy
Rare Points: 145

Skittish~ - - - - - - -Bullet; Blue- - ~Brave

Stubborn~ -
Bullet; Blue- - - - - - - ~Easygoing

Anti-social~ - - - - -
Bullet; Blue- - ~Social

Leader~ - -
Bullet; Blue- - - - - - - - ~Follower

Lazy~ - - - -
Bullet; Blue- - - - - - - - ~Energetic

Temperament: Veteran: Even if I'm young I seem to know what's expected of me, and I execute it perfectly
Quirks 1: Likes the put hay on his horns and walk around with it like a crown
Quirks 2: Has never spooked, not even once
Worst Fear/Spook: Guns
Herd Mentality: I'm very serious about eating my grass in peace
Horse vs. Owner/Handler/Rider: Lowers his head for you to brush his mane
Character/Story: Very brave and proud, Apollo can keep a cool head even when the situation turns dire. He's very serious about keeping everyone safe and happy even if it comes at the cost of his own comfort, sacrifice is not something he is scared of. That said he is also very serious with keeping himself in pristine shape, muscular and clean, you will never see a single spot of mud on his coat even if his siblings, Artemis and Hermes try to get him dirty all the time.
Mate: Artemis and Hermes
Talents/Disciple: Dressage, Handling, Hand Showing,Driving

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS:unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Lineage: Starter

Registered: Pure Padro
Owner: Unknown
Stables: Unknown

Breeding status: 
1- MistMasquerade (with Eriani)
2- MistMasquerade (with Azerlan)
3- MistMasquerade (with Nether
4- MistMasquerade (with Astrid)
5- MistMasquerade (with Kianise
6- MistMasquerade (with Moana)
7- MistMasquerade (with Xehra
8- KaitlyNicole (with N8561 Artemis)
9- KaitlyNicole 
10- zhalia-moon 

1- N6759 and N6760 
2- N6761 
3- N6762 
5- N6764
6- N6765 and N6766
7- N6758 

MAS The Promise of a Lustful Time (N5906) -
Xehra and Apollo - 5PP
I want a refund - 1PP
Splish Splash, I'm Going To Throw You In The Trash - 13PP
25/11/2020| Seresh Sketchdump - 3PP 
23/05/2021| Apollo the gentleman - 12PP
06/06/2021| Viris and Apollo Sketchdump - 3PP 
trinity - 7PP + 4PP (2nd Place)
01/06/2021|Slow down you bootiful idiot - 13PP - last picture checked


1 star: Star! 20/20 - Confirmed
2 star: Star! Star! 30/30 - Confirmed
3 star: Star! Star! Star! 40/40 - Confirmed
4 star: Star! Star! Star! Star! 50/50 - Confirmed
5 star: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 60/60 Confirmed
Quality Blood:  Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 61/70

Rewards - Prizes: 
Star!  Padro Reward: red Star! ribbon (gives 1 point to all offspring in lineage + *twin chance: 16%*)
2 Star!  Remuda Livery RNG Invitational SHOW 2nd Place Trophy
Star! Monthly Padro Prompt 2nd Place
Star!  Padro Reward: pink Star!Star! ribbon (gives 2 points to all direct offspring + extra speckling color (note: extra speckling color will not affect genotype) + *twin chance: 16%*)
Star!  Padro Reward: blue Star!Star!Star! ribbon  (gives 3 points to all direct offspring) + *twin chance: 33%*)
Star!  Padro Reward: green Star!Star!Star!Star! ribbon  (gives 4 points to all direct offspring) + extra speckling color (note: extra speckling color will not affect genotype) + *twin chance: 33%*)
Star!  Padro Reward: yellow Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! ribbon  (gives 5 points to all direct offspring) + *twin chance: 50%*

MAS The Promise of a Lustful Time (N5906) © by Eris France
Foal Design© by Eris France
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Thank you for the slots <3

using one of them to;

N8561 Artemis
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what a beautiful mess

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nah Im just a mess

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Oh my God those colorsssss Fangirl 
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Hes suppose to be a galaxy with 4 legs ahaha
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