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Chained to Deviant Art

A slave to the arts
DA - my master,...
my addiction - time and time again
cuffed to the keyboard
so hard to let go
to devious
so much fun
time just seems so fly

-- photo taken today - at my desk, just put it into a blue filter with Photoshop -
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cimsagro's avatar
wow...I can relate :O_o:...slave to the arts...the devious arts...the "DeviantArt" arts :crazy:
eRiQ's avatar
thnxxx -- I guess we can all relate :) --- Hope you have enjoyed the rest of my gallery!
cimsagro's avatar
Tillikum's avatar
Hahaha xD I feel that way a lot too... =P
eRiQ's avatar
Don't we all ---- we are all slaves to DA!
surrealmuse's avatar
Hey, wait, you sure that's not my husband?! lol

Really, great shot and idea...something we can all relate to these days whether we are the slave or in love with a "slave".
eRiQ's avatar
Hey - didn't Brian tell you that I came by the other day to take some photos of him! LOL

Thnx - it was fun to do -- and indeed --- sometimes it feels as if we are all slaves to these machines..
jaakobou's avatar
really excellent idea .. but eh .. i gotta say .. i was hoping for a stronger imagery

sorry.. :faint:
myriadstars's avatar
oh i feel like that every day i log in to DA!!!
eRiQ's avatar
don't we all --- hahaha
atropina's avatar
You addict! I like the idea :)
eRiQ's avatar
yayh!!! thnx -- I liked the idea as well -- hence the execution ... :)
kgx's avatar
I am like that :( :giggle:

This would make an excellent wallpaper :D
eRiQ's avatar
Hey - bu all means - make it into a wallpaper!!
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
Hehe a slave to technology... an addict to be sure! :D Fun piece! :D
eRiQ's avatar
Yep - I don't know where I would be without my pc ---
(how will I survive a WHOLE month with out it in 5 weeks time!!!)
guitarjohnny's avatar
heheh nice idea Eric :nod:
eRiQ's avatar
Dickie67's avatar
Jij zit teveel op DA :rofl: nice job
eRiQ's avatar
ja- ik weet het --- ik ben een DA junkie --
ik moet op een help programma ...
bsq2phat's avatar
nice concept. i love the lights.
eRiQ's avatar
thnx - I love your avatar

-- just been through your gallery - nice images! I though the toy soldiers were a great concept!
Also your people shots are very powerfull -
OzzY-TR's avatar
nice conceptual... i like it.
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