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Hatake Family: Laundry day by annria2002 Hatake Family: Laundry day :iconannria2002:annria2002 3,076 195 D-O-K-I : blank app by DlSCONNECT D-O-K-I : blank app :icondlsconnect:DlSCONNECT 33 6
We'll Make it Work [AcexReader]
 A shaky breath passed your lips, vexed hand running through your hair and roughly pushing strands of [h/c] away from your face. Lips pressed into a tight line, and brow scrunched, your stress was clear. Thoughts swirled about in your mind rapidly, and you swore that no wait had ever felt this long before.
 You’d been putting this off for longer than you probably should have been. Waking up sick in the mornings, with a strange feeling in your gut had been your first indication. Still, you’d passed that off as a flu you’d contracted on one of the islands. It wasn’t uncommon for you, or your other crew mates to come down with varied sicknesses after visiting some of the strange islands you were discovering in the New World.  Still, it hadn’t gone away. You’d been gaining weight, growing in your stomach. Even after you had skipped over your period the first month, you had ignored it. With your symptoms growing only worse, and having skipp
:iconxcrackedxbutterflyx:XCrackedxButterflyX 155 20
Portgas D. Ace x Reader |Commander|
You were sprawled out on deck of the Moby Dick, bored out of your mind. You literally had nothing to do, not even any god damn paper work, nothing! The ship was completely empty due to everyone being in town, and it was just your luck that you had been put on watch of the ship.
"This is total bullcrap, seriously." you mumbled to yourself while covering your eyes with your arms, shielding yourself from the sun that had now come out from behind the clouds.
Yawning, you got up from the floor and decided to go and read a book. You never got time to read so you decided that this was the perfect chance to do so, you went to your room and grabbed the book 'To Kill A Mockingbird' from your nightstand. You opened the book at where you had left your bookmark at and began reading while heading towards the kitchen, when arriving at the kitchen door you opened it and sat yourself down at the table and continued reading. This was probably one of the best books you had ever read, the anticipation in
:iconimablackveilbride:ImABlackVeilBride 472 112
Special World [Law X Reader (Fluff)]
Vibrant hues of red, green, and yellow globed over the sea of water droplets as they slid down your shoulders, across your arms, and into the air before gliding to the ground. Your upper limbs were extended in a helicopter formation; your lower limbs were engaged in either a tip-toe rotation or pulled up a 90 degree angle. Water glistened on your upturned face. The only thing that could possibly outshine the glorious scene was the glowing smile that was penned across your mouth. 
The heavy sigh of your Captain was audible over the soft tapping of rain that enveloped the otherwise empty street.
"What the hell are you doing, _______-ya?" Law demanded, his voice a mixture of exasperation and confusion. You didn't answer for a moment, completing your one-foot spin and sending water droplets shooting in an arc from your outstretched arms, before facing him. A massive smile played on your lips as you tilted your head.
"Messing around, reliving childhood, all the stuff you're supposed to
:iconunderseagalaxies:underseagalaxies 318 88
Assistance (Shanks x Reader) PART 1
Your head was filled with a pleasant buzzing as you sat at the bar, a cup of sake before you and an absent smile on your face. It had been a long time since you had felt solid ground beneath your feet, and what better way to celebrate the arrival at a new island after weeks at sea than a visit to the local tavern.
You grinned widely at the rowdy pirates around you, chuckling along with their jokes and tales, when you felt a body slide up next to you. You turned to find a handsome man with shocking red hair and three parallel scares running diagonally across his left eye. He offered you a sexy, lopsided smile and leaned in close by your ear, his hot breath ruffling your hair. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, and see its influence in the redness of his cheeks and unfocused gaze. You expected him to say something smooth, witty even, but as his lips parted he surprised you by uttering two simple words.
“Nice ass.”
Shanks!” you cri
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 455 72
lollipop Luffy x Reader
It was a quiet day on the Sunny and it looked like all your other crewmates were busy doing their own things. Nami and Robin were off mooching food from Sanji, Zoro was training, Franky was building something, and Luffy was playing with Usopp and Chopper. That left you all alone. It was the perfect time to finally relax so without further ado you grabbed a pair of shades and went to find a nice place to settle down. Within minutes you had found a comfortable lawn chair and an old radio from god knows where. After you had settled down you began to sing along to the first song that you actually knew.
“I'll take you to the candy shop
I'll let you lick the lollipop
Go 'head girl, don't you stop
Keep going 'til you hit the spot”
    “Ne, (y/n)? What does he mean, ‘I’ll let you lick the lollipop’?” Asked Luffy, as he suddenly appeared from nowhere. You sat up, startled and confused. Not just because he had surprised you but because you hone
:icondeavagirl:deavagirl 210 59
Time Warp~ Trafalgar Law x Reader pt9 *Final*

         "Eh!? What do you mean?" You huff, pausing briefly. He chuckles, weaving past your lowered defense and knocking the sword from your hand.
         "Come on ___, did you really think I wouldn't put it together?" He says, raising an eyebrow.
         "N-no Law! You have it all wrong!" You gasp, waving your arms about with a slight blush.
         "So you didn't like Corasan?" He quizzes.
         "Of course I liked him! Just not in the way you think!" You reply swiftly.
         "Then why are you all red?" He questions, raising an eyebrow. Your eyebrow twitches as you meet the boys steely gaze.
         "I'm not having this conversation with you at your current age Law!" You sputter, swiftly turning away.
         "What's that supposed to mean!?"
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 161 62
Shy~ Trafalgar Law X Reader pt2

               You patrol the deck with a slight yawn. You had night watch tonight since you slept through the Punk Hazard incident. 'Wonder where Law is sleeping...' You wonder, looking up when you should've been looking down. Your foot catches on something and you faceplant the deck with a loud smack. 
               "Ouch, shit!" You growl, picking yourself up holding your nose.
                "Did you hurt yourself?" A smooth voice questions, making you look back to see that you had tripped over his outstretched leg. You swiftly jump to your feet and spin around to face him where he sat against the mast. 
                "S-sorry!" You gasp with a swift bow which was so rushed that you hit your head on the wrap around bench. You stagger and fall on your butt, holding your foreh
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 193 51
Come On {Luffy X Reader}
"Come On"
It hadn’t been long since you joined the Straw Hats. They were one of the biggest and most dangerous pirate crews you had ever heard of. You, on the other hand, were not a pirate- at least, not until now. You had the misfortune of getting swept away in their antics and Luffy had taken notice. He had made his decision.
“Join my crew.” Luffy said as an impossible grin spread across your face.
You stood quiet for a moment, stunned. “No.”
“I want you to join my crew! Come on, it’ll be great!”
“No! I don’t want to be lumped in with you when the navy shows up!”
“_____’s stuff is loaded and ready to go.” Franky called to Luffy.
“I had already decided from the moment I met you that I wanted you on my crew.”
“W-wait a minute-!” you were a bit flustered and annoyed by his straightforwardness.
“You might as well jus
:iconenthaga:Enthaga 331 50
Jealous ~Luffy x Reader~ (One Shot)
“Luffy, do you really like her?” [Name] whispered as she sat across the older male in the kitchen.
It was a serious conversation between the close friends that no one was on the Sunny but them. Everyone in the crew knew how much this meant to [Name] yet only one individual didn't notice. It was her best friend Luffy- who seemed to fail to notice how deeply in love she was towards him. She even gave obvious hints like kissing him publicly on the cheek, giving her food when she was actually starving, and playing with him in every game he thought about. Yet, Luffy shrugged it off as a form of their friendship.
It hurt [Name] knowing her friend couldn't notice her- the way she notices him. Every time she saw him; she would smile and laugh despite the hardships all the crew went though. She also didn't even mind his gross nature when it came to food or picking his nose-it was a unique characteristic. However, what she mostly adored was his thirst for adventure and his child-free
:iconlittledreamer101:LittleDreamer101 916 152
Starting Today [Reader x Ace]
"Dude, Ace, that's a cool shirt!" you said, pointing at him.
He looked down and looked back up.
"Yeah I know," he said.
"You should let me borrow it sometime!" you said.
"Sure, I guess," Ace said.
The next day, you were seen strutting around in his shirt. You never gave it back.
Ace was wearing his orange t-shirt that went with his orange hat while sitting on the railing of the deck.
"Yo!" you said, stomping up the steps with a glass of grape juice.
"Yo," he answered, sipping his juice box.
"Nice juice box. What are you, five?" you snorted.
"If I'm ten, then what are you?" he laughed at your grape juice.
"Grape juice is very nutritious, thank you very much!" you said, walking towards him.
You didn't notice an empty bottle of rum on the floor and foolishly stepped on it. The bottle rolled out from under your foot, causing you to fall forward. You ended up on the floor with an empty glass and Ace ended up with a purple stain on his shirt.
"Thanks," Ace sighed.
"You're welcome,
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 368 75
Unspoken words [Law x reader RQ]
We are all just trying to find some colors to paint this boring black and white world. An array of reds, blues, greens, pinks, purples, silvers, oranges, blacks, and so many more. (Y/n) loved colors, she loved bringing a story to life with vibrant paints and describing words with splashes of color.
And perhaps that is why she enjoyed Law's company.
A pirate-no, that wasn't right. A doctor, a man of many colors, that is who law was. There wasn't one single color in the world that could describe him exactly, and that is why she enjoyed him so much.
He was never boring, always suprising her. He was unpredictable, despite being a calm and logical man. And even though he was a pirate, a man who had been known to be monstrous and cruel, Law's heart was big and loving.
Deep down, Law cared strongly for each and every on of his crew members. Perhaps that is why they all cared so strongly about him in return. But, no matter the reason, they all would follow Law to the very depths of hell and ba
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 102 21
Temperature [Reader x Law]
You were with Law and Bepo in the submarine, watching them discuss the next route. You followed Law's fingers, as they pointed to a spot on the GPS. Damn, they were some pretty sexy fingers. Not that you were attracted to the fingers, but rather the owner of them. What you would do to tap that fine ass...
I mean, what? Pshh, you're an innocent angel, you don't think thoughts like that. You lightly blushed at your thoughts. Then Law suddenly stopped and looked up.
Did I say that out loud?, you panicked.
"It's cold in here," pointed out Law. "Someone turn the temperature up."
Without missing a beat, you quickly answered, "Why? You seem pretty damn hot to me."
Law and Bepo stared at you. You realized what you had said and turned as red as a tomato. Law hummed in amusement. You stuttered.
"W-Whaaat, Penguin? You want me to feed the horses?" you pretended as if Penguin had called for you.
Law raised an eyebrow at this. You stiffened under his gaze.
"Um...gotta jet, see ya!" you yelle
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 435 47
Sleeping [Reader x Law]
Law stared at you as your hair shone brightly under the sun. You laid there peacefully while Law brushed and tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear. Your body was still, not moving or shifting around like another person would.
Your [h/c] bangs lightly brushed your eyelashes and your lips were slightly parted. Law stared in awe at how someone could look so peaceful in a world so violent.
He looked back at you. Innocence showed on your face as your eyelids were closed and your hair slightly fluttering in the sun. You looked like you were at peace, without any nightmares, or any dreams.
"I love you," he softly whispered, although you couldn't hear.
And if it hadn't been for the pool of blood beneath your body...
...He'd have thought you were sleeping.
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 377 101



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