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[3/1] The size-kink scene on dA has discovered Tiny Jon! Consider me flattered. And for the record, I'm still taking (G-rated) prompts =)

[10/26] So, hey, it's my birthday! Anyone willing to re-up my premium subscription for the occasion? *summons Patrick to make puppy-dog eyes*

[10/16] Working on filling out this pairing art meme with BICP characters, and I'm taking requests for the pairings. Whether or not it's going to become canon, if you comment and ask for it, I'll draw fanservice of it =)

[9/17] Taking BICP sketch requests for issue 2. Only a couple of slots still open! You can comment here or there to claim one.
[9/8] But I'm A Cat Person, chapter 1, is finally available in print! Click to check it out :D

Decided that if I'm going to draw this much of tiny!Jon (eleven inches tall!), it deserved to be collected.

I'm also taking art prompts. If there are situations you'd like to see a miniature Jon drawn in, just comment and let me know!

Tiny Jon

A Little Nap by ErinPtah Watching Over Tiny Jon by ErinPtah All Under The Same Big Sky by ErinPtah Someone Has A Tiny Jon Fetish by ErinPtah Tiny Jon Is The Best Pony by ErinPtah A Minor Acting Career by ErinPtah Tiny Man Walking by ErinPtah The Host Is Not A Toy by ErinPtah A Good Luck  Charm by ErinPtah The Littlest Maid by ErinPtah A Little Stroll by ErinPtah Time For Me To Ride by ErinPtah The Chalk Is Mightier by ErinPtah Tiny Jon Goes Up by ErinPtah Tied Up In Negotiations by ErinPtah A Tiny Role Model by ErinPtah Tiny Troop Support by ErinPtah Tiny Jonsicles by ErinPtah Ornamental Tiny Jon by ErinPtah A Tiny Emmy Dilemma by ErinPtah If We Amplify Everything... by ErinPtah Tiny Fangirl Bait by ErinPtah The Littlest Chef by ErinPtah A Kiss for Tiny Jon by ErinPtah Collectible Tiny Jon by ErinPtah Tiny Smackdown by ErinPtah Guy and Dolls by ErinPtah Tiny Styling by ErinPtah Dress-Up Tiny Jon by ErinPtah Would You Like A Tiny Jon? by ErinPtah Tiny Cuddles by ErinPtah Learn To Love The Ride by ErinPtah Tiny Jon Versus Baconnaise by ErinPtah Tiny Jon Loves Dogs by ErinPtah It's Hard Being A Tiny Parent by ErinPtah What's This In My Pocket by ErinPtah The Crossword of Tiny Jon by ErinPtah The Torment of Tiny Jon by ErinPtah Well, This Is Awkward by ErinPtah Tiny, Tiny Man by ErinPtah

Off dA, a miniaturized Jon is also a major figure in Drawing The Line (story, with associated comics and video) and News Casters (story, by another author).

Not Quite Tiny Jon

Christmas Fanservice 2010 by ErinPtah Jonny Pocket by ErinPtah

Super Dollfie/American Girl size, and Polly Pocket size.

Friends of Tiny Jon

Tiny Furry Friends by ErinPtah Prize - Naan Of Your Business by ErinPtah
Bird Flew by ErinPtah A Sweet Sip of Stephen by ErinPtah

So far, Tiny Kristen, Tiny Aasif, and Little Stephen have made appearances. And a shoutout goes to Mini Wooster, who inspired the idea in the first place.

© 2011 - 2021 ErinPtah
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Oooh! I've got a fun prompt!

The acting "career" of Tiny Jon. Was it the same as regular Jon's? (Oh that's an ironic twist on "Big Daddy".)
Or did being tiny open up new casting opportunities?
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I can't begin to express just how much I love this series. XDDDD
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I hate to use Anderson Cooper so much in prompting but a pocket!Tiny Jon in a war zone as a good luck charm would be adorable. Just sayin'.
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When I hear "tiny Jon" or "pocket Jon" I imagine him as some sort of Polly Pocket sized person. This being said, I believe his little carrying case would be a Star of David. I don't really know, just a realization.
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Totally out of nowhere here, but in the interview on the 20th Jon is happy that someone has written about James Madison, who he claims is eight inches tall [link] I'd love to see something of Tiny!Jon's admiration of Madison, the first person (well, not exactly) to prove that tiny people can do important stuff too, like exposing bias in the media or writing the Constitution.
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A Tiny Jon idea: Colbert mass producing candy versions of Tiny Jon - labeled "Great for putting in your mouth," natch - with the excuse that, "The market has spoken, Jon - you're delicious!"
Okay, you want more? How about:

Tiny Jon doing stand-up OR
Tiny Jon during Rally to restore sanity OR
Tiny Jon during his latest USO trip
The latest can be Jon being carried around by soldiers or Jon on a helicopter, complete with tiny gear and helmet.
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Maybe Tiny!Jon sitting on his Emmy! Or he got his coat hooked on the sharp wing while trying to climb down. He could be asking Stephen to rescue him, but he says no, because he's not allowed to touch Jon's Emmy. ^^
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I would love to see Tiny!Jon at his desk during the show laying the smackdown on a much bigger interviewee :D
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How about mini Jon trying to fix up Miranda's hair as a request?
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I really want to claim one spot, but I have no idea what to request. X(
ErinPtah's avatar
No pressure! Take some time, and when you figure it out, let me know =)
Krisderp's avatar
Well, I really like Reseda's (Lily)design, so if you could sketch her in her in her cult design that would be really cool. Maybe just her and Timothy reading? That would be awesome. <3
ErinPtah's avatar
I could...but that would spoil chapter 3, so I can't put it in the issue 2 endnotes! Thus the "no spoiling chapter 3" rule =)

Do you want to choose something else, or just have me draw this and put it in issue 3 instead?
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Oh yeah, lol I forgot about that. Yeah, if you wouldn't mind putting it in issue 3, that's fine. I don't mind, as long as you don't. :)
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Done! Just let me know (here or by PM) what email to send it to.
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TINY ASIF <3 <3 <3

Actually, could I request a tiny!Aasif with his cat, Genie (per his Bloomberg Op-Ed</a? (need something cheerful after reading that, but very good article)
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Tiny!Jon struggling to open a jar of Baconnaise?

omg, Tiny Jon riding on Vampire!Stephen's wings!! Or between them, or on an extra wing, or clutching his hair or collar, since he's actually using the wings... Of course Jon would be extra terrified of heights and the speed Stephen's flying, but for one moment, there's that smile of exhileration and enjoying the ride... :)
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