Problematic ships project.

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[5/15] Thanks to the watchers who extended my DA membership! It's no longer in danger of running out any time soon.

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Okay, new plan: every time I see fans getting harassed by people who think “ships a ship I don’t like” is the moral equivalent of “molests children”, I’m gonna draw something cute/fluffy/silly/sweet for their ship. Whether or not I ship it. Whether or not I’m even in the fandom.

It’s not gonna change the world, but it’ll make me feel better.

All the art:
Bullet; White Problematic Ships Project folder
Bullet; White problematicshipsproject on Tumblr
Bullet; White Problematic Huevember journal

To-Do List

Attack on Titan

- Levi/Mikasa
- Levi/Armin
- Armin/Erwin
- Erwin/Mikasa
- Babadook/Pennywise
Babylon 5
- Londo/Vir
- Julius Belmont/Yoko Belnades
Dangan Ronpa
- Celestia/Ishimaru
- Komaeda/Junko
- Touko/Tagami
- Asahina/Hagakure
* Monaka/Nagisa
- Makoto/Komaru
DC Comics
  • Bruce Wayne x Dick Grayson: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Jason Todd: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Tim Drake: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse, incest
  • Bruce Wayne x Barbara Gordon: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Stephanie Brown: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Cassandra Cain: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Duke Thomas: pedophilia, abuse
  • Dick Grayson x Tim Drake: pedophilia
  • Dick Grayson x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse
  • Jason Todd x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse
  • Damian Wayne x Mar'i Grayson: pediphilia, abuse
  • Robinpile: pedophilia, abuse
  • Ra’s al Ghul x Tim Drake: pedophilia, abuse
  • Harleen Quinzel x Joker: abuse
- Bruce Wayne x Dick Grayson
- Bruce Wayne x Jason Todd
- Bruce Wayne x Tim Drake
- Bruce Wayne x Damian Wayne
- Bruce Wayne x Barbara Gordon
- Bruce Wayne x Stephanie Brown
- Bruce Wayne x Cassandra Cain
- Bruce Wayne x Duke Thomas
- Dick Grayson x Jason Todd
- Dick Grayson x Damian Wayne
- Jason Todd x Damian Wayne
- Damian Wayne x Mar'i Grayson
- Robinpile
- Ra’s al Ghul x Tim Drake
- Harleen Quinzel x Joker
- Penguin/Mr. Freeze
* Elsa/Anna
- Gaston/LeFou
Final Fantasy
- Ignis/Noct
is Lucis Caelum
- Gladiolus Amicitia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
- Gladiolus Amicitia/Prompto Argentum
Gravity Falls
- Stan/Stan
- Bill/Stan
- Bill/Ford
Harry Potter
- Snape/Hermione
- Sirius/Hermione
- Remus/Hermione
* Bellatrix/Hermione
- All Voldemort ships are now They Who Must Not Be Shipped
- Mcgonagall/Dumbledore
- Remus/Harry
- Sirius/Harry
- Graves/Credence
- Grindlewald/Dumbledore
- Dirk/Jake
- Dirk/Dave
- Tavros/Vriska
- Dad/John
- Bro/John
- Gamzee/Terezi
* Vriska/Terezi
- Gamzee/Karkat
* All the dancestor pairings are apparently Incest in spite of them coming from literal different universes
- Gamzee/Equius
- Eridan/Sollux
- Meenah/Karkat
Les Miserables
- Valjean/Javert
* Cosette/Eponine
- Eponine/Gavroche
- Thor/Loki
- Tony/Loki
- Kilgrave/Jessica
- Peter Parker/all the Avengers

Ouran High School Host Club
- Hikaru/Kaoru
- Reaper/Soldier76
Repo! The Genetic Opera
- Shilo/Graverobber
- Jace/Alec
Sherlock (BBC)
- Sherlock/John
Star Wars
- Jyn Erso/Krennic [Jynnic]
- Sabine Wren/Ezra Bridger [Sabezra]
- Captain Rex/Ahsoka Tano [Rexsoka]
- Luke/Leia
Steven Universe
- Steven/any Gem
- Apparently no Gems can be shipped with human males because Rose must be the only one who's into that
Teen Wolf
- Derek/Stiles
- Derek/Scott
Tokyo Ghoul
- Kaneki/Ayato
- Torso/Mutsuki
- Sans/Papyrus
- Mettaton/Sans
- Papyrus/Mettaton
- Papyrus/Undyne
- Papyrus/Frisk
- Frisk/Asriel
Yuri!!! On Ice
- Victor/Yurio

© 2016 - 2020 ErinPtah
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TaintedTruffle's avatar
TaintedTruffleHobbyist General Artist
what a nice project 
FruityTootyBat's avatar
FruityTootyBatHobbyist General Artist
This is a great idea!
darkfrost-star's avatar
darkfrost-starStudent Digital Artist
How is Frisk and Asriel problematic? :U
iongnadh's avatar
Isn't she like her mom/kid? I haven't played the game honestly but this is what I've heard
chels-adopts's avatar
chels-adoptsHobbyist General Artist
You're thinking of Toriel, who's the goat-mum. Asriel is her bio kid, and the human kids are at least unofficially adopted by her.
iongnadh's avatar
Yeah that's who I was thinking of! Again I haven't played the game (still) :giggle:
darkfrost-star's avatar
darkfrost-starStudent Digital Artist
Uh, no. Frisk is a kid and they have a normal friendship. They're not biologically related to each other, either.
iongnadh's avatar
Well ships involving kids period can be problematic (so maybe this is why?), plus you don't have to be biologically related to have that kind of relationship
darkfrost-star's avatar
darkfrost-starStudent Digital Artist
ErinPtah's avatar
As I understand it, they were close friends as children, and therefore anyone who ships them is an incest-loving pedophile. Somehow.
Luigicat11's avatar
To be fair, it makes sense that people dislike Sans x Papyrus.  Incest is kind of frowned upon by most people.
ErinPtah's avatar
Disliking a ship is perfectly fair! There are plenty of pairings I avoid. It's when you accuse people of being child abusers because they ship it that you're going too far.
Luigicat11's avatar
Da fuck?  I mean, seriously.  Even if it's a ship that involves pedophilia (or anachronism stew in the form of aging characters up/down), what ships you like don't reflect your sexual preferences or actions.

(But what's that got to do with Fontcest, tho?)
ErinPtah's avatar
See, the reason you don't get the connection is because -- as evidenced by this comment -- you're a reasonable human being who knows how to use basic logic.

There are sectors of Tumblr where, every time you don't like a ship, you find a way to accuse the shippers of being either abusers or child molesters or both. Logic doesn't enter into it.
Luigicat11's avatar
So, basically the Antibrony condition has spread into other hatedoms, as well as some fandoms.  Fan-fucking-tastic.
kribban's avatar
Nadalind from Grimm. Yeah, she raped him after he kidnapped her baby for his mother to raise, but they worked it all out in the end. 
ErinPtah's avatar
Not in the fandom, but I flipped through the ship tag, and it looks like a refreshingly peaceful haven of shippers having fun, and non-shippers not subjecting themselves to the topic.

If there's harassment that I didn't catch, drop me a link and I can put it on the to-do list.
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MasterOfRaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't usually get to communicate or help you out, but I'm glad to assist in your DA membership ^_^

And good for you! I think you have a good ship plan~
ErinPtah's avatar
Thank you so much!

If you want the custom art, just send me a note with details <3
MasterOfRa's avatar
MasterOfRaHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!

Wait, a custom art? I wasn't aware of such a thing. What kind of limitations are there?
ErinPtah's avatar
It's described in the post! You can get a whole bunch of chibis, or two figures, or one figure and half a bunch of chibis. I might have to turn down NSFW requests, but anything else is probably fair game.
MasterOfRa's avatar
MasterOfRaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooh, oops! I assumed that was for the previous donator! Well ok, I'll sent a note here shortly then!
Raspykoo's avatar
RaspykooHobbyist General Artist
I don't really see how people ship characters just because they're fused in Steven Universe. Ruby x Sapphire makes sense as they actually love each other and know each other very well. They know that they are in a very well formed romantic relationship, which is why they're always permafused as Garnet.

But Jasper x Lapis? Jasper and Lapis were extremely toxic to each other. I disagree with that ship. It's complete rape.

Pearl x Garnet?? Amethyst x Garnet?? since Garnet in the show has actually said herself she doesn't like being used as a toy for them. She only fuses into Sardonyx or Sugilite because Pearl or Amethyst wants to. She has no choice.

and also Pearl x Amethyst is something I strongly disagree with, too.

because Steven literally just forced Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into Opal that one episode. They had no choice. They just did it for Steven. Not because they love each other. Pearl and Amethyst are two opposite personalities and shouldn't be shipped.

I think you probably prefer ships where the two characters actually have a choice in the ship??
ErinPtah's avatar
People don't ship characters "just because they're fused." After all, people ship characters that have never fused (like Lapis/Peridot and Peridot/Amethyst). It's about whether you like the character dynamics.

Jasper and Lapis are a great demonstration of that because we KNOW they have a toxic relationship. You understand that some people like horror movies, right? Some people like murder mysteries? Well, some people also like stories about toxic relationships! Liking a story doesn't mean you have to think it would be healthy and wonderful in real life.

Garnet and Pearl had some conflict when Pearl tricked Garnet into fusing. Eventually they worked it out, and got closer. We've seen them fuse by choice in later episodes, even fusing just for fun in Know Your Fusion. Garnet and Amethyst never had that kind of conflict in the first place. Even if you don't ship these characters, it's silly to claim they don't have strong friendships.

Haven't you ever heard the saying "opposites attract"? Pearl and Amethyst had a lot of disagreements and fights when the series began, but they've had a lot of development, and lots of episodes where they learn to appreciate their different styles and work together. They used to have trouble coordinating their dance styles when making Opal, but now they sync up perfectly because they're each willing to dance like the other. Even if you don't ship them, it's silly to pretend they haven't developed an understanding and caring relationship.

And, again, characters don't have to be close in canon to be shipped. You can ship two characters who never meet. Or two characters who aren't even from the same series! As long as you think "okay, these two characters aren't in love in canon, but I like the idea of them being together, and I want to read a story about it" -- you can ship it.

And fictional characters never "have a choice" in ships. That's part of what "fictional" means. No matter what you write, they characters are doing what the WRITER chooses.
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