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By ErinPtah

Now with winners!

Congratulations to:

:star: 500 points: #5 puff222001
:star: 50 points: #1 xXEternalSoulXx
:star: 50 points: #13 iTiggy

And thanks again to everyone who linked to But I'm A Cat Person!

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

That's right, it's time for a point giveaway on behalf of BICP! The grand prize will be 500 points, and there will also be two 50-point runners-up.

Quit Tripping On Me by ErinPtah Compass Rose by ErinPtah Sunshine and Moonlight by ErinPtah

Here are the rules:

:bulletwhite: Post a new journal that links to But I'm A Cat Person in the first paragraph.
:bulletwhite: For 1 extra entry, include at least 50 words about the comic. This can be a recommendation or a neutral description. (You get no extra points for praising the comic -- just don't bash it, please!)
:bulletwhite: For up to 2 extra entries, link to BICP on up to 2 other social media sites: Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Twitter, a blog, etcetera. 1 extra entry per site.
:bulletwhite: For 1 extra entry, note me with the answer to this question: What is Miranda's middle name? (The answer is in one of the comics.)
:bulletwhite: Comment here with links to your journal and any extra posts.

And that's it! No need to follow this account or be a regular reader of the comic (though it would be cool if you did).

Giveaway ends March 31.

First prize: 500 points
Two runner-up prizes: 50 points

When you comment, I'll give you a number (or up to 5 numbers, depending on how many extras you earned). On March 31 I'll use random.org to draw the numbers of the winners. You can only win once, though, so if two numbers come up for the same person I'll re-draw for the second number.

Happy linking!

Beingstuck - Three Humans by ErinPtah BICP - Cybele Attacks by ErinPtah All Dressed Up by ErinPtah   BICP - Dressed For Snow by ErinPtah

1. xXEternalSoulXx
2. xXEternalSoulXx
3. puff222001
4. puff222001
5. puff222001
6. TheAwesomeness0330
7. TheAwesomeness0330
8. LilacPhoenix
9. LilacPhoenix
10. LilacPhoenix
11. Kirby-Tree
12. lokolokoako
13. iTiggy
14. iTiggy
15. iTiggy
16. allyalltheway
17. allyalltheway
18. Kinetic-Passion
19. Kinetic-Passion
20. Kinetic-Passion
21. Luffffy
22. Luffffy
23. Luffffy
24. Luffffy
25. Luffffy
26. puff222001

But I'm A Cat Senshi by ErinPtah Babies and Plushies by ErinPtah

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BrotherlyFluff's avatar
Oooh this is a cool journal skin~! :heart: Where did you find it? :)
ErinPtah's avatar
It's called Wishing On The Same Star: [link]
puff222001's avatar
[link] I shared it here with the review. ;)
ErinPtah's avatar
Excellent! One more entry for you =D
Luffffy's avatar
Journal with description~ -> [link]
Going to note you with Miranda's middle name
Shared it here -> [link] and here -> [link]
ErinPtah's avatar
Awesome! And you got her name correct, so numbers 21 through 25 go to you =)
Kinetic-Passion's avatar
this is my journal, with a description, and here is a link I shared: [link]
ErinPtah's avatar
Numbers 18, 19, and 20 for you!
allyalltheway's avatar
ErinPtah's avatar
Awesome! Numbers 16-17 for you =)
iTiggy's avatar
ErinPtah's avatar
Numbers 13-15 for you!
MarioBlade64's avatar
ErinPtah's avatar
What can't you do?
MarioBlade64's avatar
I don't think I can win=(
Oh well=)
ErinPtah's avatar
Why not? Only 5 people have entered so far. If you enter there will be 6, and since there are going to be 3 winners, you could have a 50-50 chance.

Besides, entering is free, so you have nothing to lose =)
MarioBlade64's avatar
Well, I'll think about it^^;
Kirby-Tree's avatar
Good luck on your comic, bro. :thumbsup: [link]
ErinPtah's avatar
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