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LGBTQIA Pride Stamp Collection

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 1:36 AM
News, 9/21: The Kickstarter for Leif & Thorn Volume 1 is off to a great start! You can back it now, or just click "Follow Project" to keep an eye on its progress.

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A nice unified collection of LGBT+ flag stamps -- including blank bases, various texts, and animations. New ones added on a regular basis.

All free to use! Just don't make the bases into anything hateful (homophobic, transphobic, etc), and credit the original.

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Lipstick lesbian, gay bear:

Bisexual, pansexual:

Bi Pride Stamp by ErinPtah  Pan Pride Stamp by ErinPtah

Transgender, trans woman, trans man:

Trans Pride Stamp by ErinPtah  Trans Woman Pride Stamp by ErinPtah  Trans Man Pride Stamp by ErinPtah

Genderqueer, agender, nonbinary:


Intersex Flag Stamp - Base by ErinPtah  Intersex Pride Stamp by ErinPtah





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Blank template:

Calling all Sailor Fanartists

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2018, 12:02 PM

Voting is on for the Sailor Senshi Next Generation contest!  Click on through and vote for your 2 favorites =)

Bullet; Pink Bullet; White Bullet; Pink Bullet; White Bullet; Pink Bullet; White Bullet; Pink 

If you draw Sailor Moon fanart, or know someone who does, we could use your help!

I'm currently the main graphics-maker at Sailor Headcanons on Tumblr. We post user-submitted headcanons about everything to do with the Sailor Moon universe -- silly or serious, major or minor, past or present or future.

They get posted on nice little graphics, like so:

209s by ErinPtah

Most of the backgrounds are official SM art -- screenshots, manga scans, merchandise, what have you.

And I try to avoid recycling art for multiple headcanons.

849s by ErinPtah

You can see how, eventually, this causes problems! There are plenty of characters who only appear in a single manga chapter (or only for 5 minutes in a musical). There's only so much art with adult Chibiusa, or baby Hotaru, or the princesses in the Silver Millennium. There are characters who got plenty of scenes, but never with each other.

Everyone and their cat has a Sailor Cosmos headcanon. At this point I'm pretty sure I've used every official piece of Sailor Cosmos art in existence.

902s by ErinPtah

Fanartists, of course, have covered all of this and more. If you need pictures of an all-genderswap AU, or Tin Nyanko chasing Fisheye, or Haruka and Michiru actually making out, just turn to fandom.

But of course I'm not going to use anyone else's art without permission.

Sm016s by ErinPtah

So...can I use your fanart?

Every post naturally includes credit and a link to the source. (That means it doubles as a way to get your work linked to our 3400+ followers. Not bad.)

393s by ErinPtah
(Red Spot Jupiter)

If you're interested, please comment with the following:

"I, [your username here], give permission for sailorheadcanons to make graphics using my fanart, found at [link to your SM folder/gallery/etc]."

You can also reblog the Tumblr post with same.

(And if you're not an artist or don't give permission, you can still share this post around to spread the word!)

Shipping Positivity Huevember

Sun Nov 26, 2017, 6:37 AM

The Huevember Challenge is to make a drawing with a different main hue for every day in November. I combined that with the problematic ships project, so each hue gets used in a cute/sweet/funny/positive drawing of someone's OTP.

It's, uh, obviously not happening on a perfect schedule. I skipped a bunch of hues on my first pass through, then came back and filled in the gaps, and the whole thing got dragged down for a while by Tumblr issues. But it's finished before January!

All the art (in order of hue):

Doe-Eyed by ErinPtah  Eruri by ErinPtah You're Out Of This World by ErinPtah Akuroku by ErinPtah Pop-Up Chara by ErinPtah Cute in a Coat by ErinPtah  Play Ball by ErinPtah  Fire and Metal by ErinPtah Matching Sweaters by ErinPtah Underwater Royalty by ErinPtah Fishy Shipping by ErinPtah  Careful by ErinPtah Plaid Cuddles by ErinPtah  One Shake, Two Straws by ErinPtah  Starry Pines by ErinPtah Feed me Yuu by ErinPtah Protector and Servant by ErinPtah My Healer by ErinPtah Frisky Cuddling by ErinPtah Skeleton Waltz by ErinPtah This Is My Formal Turtleneck by ErinPtah  Hamadacest by ErinPtah Talk Murder To Me by ErinPtah Written? Smitten! by ErinPtah  First Place In My Heart by ErinPtah That tongue tho by ErinPtah Snarry by ErinPtah Me Loki, You... by ErinPtah Servant and Mastermind by ErinPtah Fishy Boyfriend by ErinPtah

All the art:
Bullet; White Problematic Ships Project folder
Bullet; White problematicshipsproject on Tumblr
Bullet; White Shipping to-draw list

As always, this is open to nominations! (If not for Huevember, then for the project in general.) If you're in a fandom where people confuse "ships a pairing I don't like" with "is a real-life abuse apologist, sexual predator, and child molester," comment with an example and I'll draw your pairing something nice.

Problematic ships project.

Wed May 4, 2016, 6:57 PM

[5/15] Thanks to the watchers who extended my DA membership! It's no longer in danger of running out any time soon.

Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White

Okay, new plan: every time I see fans getting harassed by people who think “ships a ship I don’t like” is the moral equivalent of “molests children”, I’m gonna draw something cute/fluffy/silly/sweet for their ship. Whether or not I ship it. Whether or not I’m even in the fandom.

It’s not gonna change the world, but it’ll make me feel better.

All the art:
Bullet; White Problematic Ships Project folder
Bullet; White problematicshipsproject on Tumblr
Bullet; White Problematic Huevember journal

To-Do List

Attack on Titan

- Levi/Mikasa
- Levi/Armin
- Armin/Erwin
- Erwin/Mikasa
- Babadook/Pennywise
Babylon 5
- Londo/Vir
- Julius Belmont/Yoko Belnades
Dangan Ronpa
- Celestia/Ishimaru
- Komaeda/Junko
- Touko/Tagami
- Asahina/Hagakure
* Monaka/Nagisa
- Makoto/Komaru
DC Comics
  • Bruce Wayne x Dick Grayson: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Jason Todd: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Tim Drake: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse, incest
  • Bruce Wayne x Barbara Gordon: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Stephanie Brown: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Cassandra Cain: pedophilia, abuse
  • Bruce Wayne x Duke Thomas: pedophilia, abuse
  • Dick Grayson x Tim Drake: pedophilia
  • Dick Grayson x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse
  • Jason Todd x Damian Wayne: pedophilia, abuse
  • Damian Wayne x Mar'i Grayson: pediphilia, abuse
  • Robinpile: pedophilia, abuse
  • Ra’s al Ghul x Tim Drake: pedophilia, abuse
  • Harleen Quinzel x Joker: abuse
- Bruce Wayne x Dick Grayson
- Bruce Wayne x Jason Todd
- Bruce Wayne x Tim Drake
- Bruce Wayne x Damian Wayne
- Bruce Wayne x Barbara Gordon
- Bruce Wayne x Stephanie Brown
- Bruce Wayne x Cassandra Cain
- Bruce Wayne x Duke Thomas
- Dick Grayson x Jason Todd
- Dick Grayson x Damian Wayne
- Jason Todd x Damian Wayne
- Damian Wayne x Mar'i Grayson
- Robinpile
- Ra’s al Ghul x Tim Drake
- Harleen Quinzel x Joker
- Penguin/Mr. Freeze
* Elsa/Anna
- Gaston/LeFou
Final Fantasy
- Ignis/Noct
is Lucis Caelum
- Gladiolus Amicitia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
- Gladiolus Amicitia/Prompto Argentum
Gravity Falls
- Stan/Stan
- Bill/Stan
- Bill/Ford
Harry Potter
- Snape/Hermione
- Sirius/Hermione
- Remus/Hermione
* Bellatrix/Hermione
- All Voldemort ships are now They Who Must Not Be Shipped
- Mcgonagall/Dumbledore
- Remus/Harry
- Sirius/Harry
- Graves/Credence
- Grindlewald/Dumbledore
- Dirk/Jake
- Dirk/Dave
- Tavros/Vriska
- Dad/John
- Bro/John
- Gamzee/Terezi
* Vriska/Terezi
- Gamzee/Karkat
* All the dancestor pairings are apparently Incest in spite of them coming from literal different universes
- Gamzee/Equius
- Eridan/Sollux
- Meenah/Karkat
Les Miserables
- Valjean/Javert
* Cosette/Eponine
- Eponine/Gavroche
- Thor/Loki
- Tony/Loki
- Kilgrave/Jessica
- Peter Parker/all the Avengers

Ouran High School Host Club
- Hikaru/Kaoru
- Reaper/Soldier76
Repo! The Genetic Opera
- Shilo/Graverobber
- Jace/Alec
Sherlock (BBC)
- Sherlock/John
Star Wars
- Jyn Erso/Krennic [Jynnic]
- Sabine Wren/Ezra Bridger [Sabezra]
- Captain Rex/Ahsoka Tano [Rexsoka]
- Luke/Leia
Steven Universe
- Steven/any Gem
- Apparently no Gems can be shipped with human males because Rose must be the only one who's into that
Teen Wolf
- Derek/Stiles
- Derek/Scott
Tokyo Ghoul
- Kaneki/Ayato
- Torso/Mutsuki
- Sans/Papyrus
- Mettaton/Sans
- Papyrus/Mettaton
- Papyrus/Undyne
- Papyrus/Frisk
- Frisk/Asriel
Yuri!!! On Ice
- Victor/Yurio

Clock's ticking.

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 2:48 PM

Hey, followers -- my paid DA time is about to run out. Anyone want to do me a kindness and top it up?

If the gifted time is more than a month, shoot me a note afterward, and you can have a cameo (of yourself, or a favorite OC) in Leif & Thorn or But I'm A Cat Person as thanks.

ETA: the need is no longer immediate -- thanks, anonymous donor! The offer here is still open, for anyone else who wants to extend it even further Heart 

Femslash February / Erin Rewatches SU [update!]

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 6:29 PM

It's February, and f/f sketch requests are in progress!

(Scroll down for the Steven Universe rewatch.)

Trying something a little different this year: the Femslash February prompt post is on Patreon. Everything else is the same. You leave a request over there, I draw the first ten, no money has to change hands, everything is sunshine and rainbows and girls kissing.

...and all ten free request slots are currently taken!

I'll still draw requests for patrons -- everyone else, sit back and watch the fills come in.

Femslash February - 90s Power Couple by ErinPtah  Femslash February - Sora and Mimi by ErinPtah  Femslash February - Monster Girlfriends by ErinPtah  Femslash February - Batgirls in Love by ErinPtah  Femslash February - Izumi and Ruki by ErinPtah Femslash February - You Make Me Feel Strong by ErinPtah  Femslash February - Maria and Sakura by ErinPtah 

Mature Content

Femslash February - Lauren and the Li Huas by ErinPtah
  Femslash February - Hello, Royal Sweetie by ErinPtah   Femslash February - Hi There, P-Dot by ErinPtah Femslash February - Sakura and Ibuki by ErinPtah Femslash February - Raven and Clarke by ErinPtah

HeartHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart

In honor of the approaching Stevenbomb, I'm doing a major rewatch, and blogging as I go. (Mirror on Tumblr.)

Do follow along, and jump into the discussions! New and old commenters welcome.

Spoilers for everything.

Link index (more to come as I post them):

Season 1:

Season 2:

Making A Title Sequence by ErinPtah Quartz Universe by ErinPtah Pumpkin Diamond by ErinPtah  And Stay Down by ErinPtah Pink Diamond and Rhodochrosite by ErinPtah Completely Improper Carnal Speculation by ErinPtah Grumpy Fan by ErinPtah Embassy Gem Fusion - Keyite by ErinPtah

Anime Figures Giveaway - Sailor Moon, Hellsing...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2015, 5:21 PM

Doing a giveaway from my anime figurine collection. Most of these belong to ensembles that I’m never going to complete — so maybe they can help complete yours.

Everything's in good condition, and it's all free. You just give me a shipping address (you can do that by email or PM), and a couple bucks for postage/packing.

Click through for all the figures, with photos!

Shippy gay pregnancy art

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 7:32 PM

Hey, followers, I wanna draw some same-sex couples celebrating pregnancies. Because us gays (and all the rest under the rainbow umbrella) are allowed to have kids if we want, and that’s neat.

I’m up for requests for f/f couples using traditional pregnancy, m/m couples using a surrogate, and m/m couples using mpreg. Just tell me the fandom and the characters.

UPDATE: ten slots are filled, so requests are closing. Stick around for the fills!


1. KorraxAsami (Legend of Korra)
Helicopter Mom Korra by ErinPtah

2. America x England (Hetalia)
But What Accent Will It Get by ErinPtah

3. BillxDipper (Gravity Falls)
'We agreed we want the shape to be a surprise.' by ErinPtah

4. HarukaxMichiru (Sailor Moon)
Haruka's Baby Blues by ErinPtah

5. Kate Bishop x America Chavez (Young Avengers)
The Hazards of Superhero Pregnancies by ErinPtah

6. HarryxEggsy (Kingsman)
Superspy dads by ErinPtah

7. Lucy x Hannah Gutierrez (WtNV)
Gay Lizard Moms by ErinPtah

8. Dana x Maureen (WtNV)
Mayoral Motherhood by ErinPtah

9. Applejack x Rainbow Dash (MLP:FiM)
Rainbow Onesies by ErinPtah

10. Ryuko x Mako (Kill La Kill)
Fashion Warrior Mom by ErinPtah

Bonus #1: Ruby x Sapphire (Steven Universe)
Garnet Has Two Mommies by ErinPtah

#LoveWins! / New Patreon rewards

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 5:55 PM

Patreon reward tiers have been revamped and bulked up! For everyone pledging $10 or more, there are stacking bonus rewards for all the months after your first -- and everyone pledging over $10 is guaranteed a free BICP cameo thrown in.

Milestone goals are new too. I've decided not to hold off on the Leif & Thorn sneak preview -- so look out for that to be posted in a few days. To replace it as the $50/month milestone, I'll draw a romantic pinup...of whichever two characters patrons vote for. (Will this lead to a crack crossover pairing? Only time will tell.)

If just 5 more people chip in with at least $5/month, we'll reach this one!

Also new: the promise of a BICP bonus story if we hit $100/month. And of course, there'll be a new wallpaper available at the turn of the month.

And hey, followers, are there any other rewards you would find particularly...motivating? Comment here and let me know!

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple

Marriage equality just hit the whole United States! All the rights and protections of marriage are now available to same-sex couples across the nation. In our long fight for equality, this is a major victory.

Have some on-topic art in celebration, including the some wedding portraits I've drawn for same-sex OTPs over the years:

Fly your rainbow flags high by ErinPtah J'n'S - New York Marriage by ErinPtah JxS - I Do by ErinPtah No One More American Than We by ErinPtah Marry That Girl by ErinPtah Commission - Smegging weddings. by ErinPtah The Wedding Portrait by ErinPtah

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple 

Commissions are open!

Commission Prices 2019 - Erin Ptah by ErinPtah

I'm also on Patreon now. Take a look at my profile, and, if you appreciate my work, consider pledging!

Support Erin on Patreon by ErinPtah

And if there’s some form of writing/drawing/whatever you’d like to be able to compel me to do that isn’t a reward option (yet), please ask! I just might be willing to do the thing.

Patreon and Commissions / Femslash February

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 2, 2015, 1:40 PM

Art commissions are open! If you've ever wanted to commission me, check out the price list, and get in touch.

Commission Prices 2019 - Erin Ptah by ErinPtah

I'm also on Patreon now. Take a look at my profile, and, if you appreciate my work, consider pledging!

Support Erin on Patreon by ErinPtah

And if there’s some form of writing/drawing/whatever you’d like to be able to compel me to do that isn’t a reward option (yet), please ask! I just might be willing to do the thing.

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

[4/12] Got tagged in a question meme by :iconwalnut-sparks: -- I'm totally breaking the chain-meme component, but I answered the questions over on my DW journal.

Anyone reading this, feel free to take the same questions and run with them!

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

The most lesbian time of the year is back!

As always, I'm taking f/f sketch requests. Comment here with the girls or women you want to see paired up -- any character who identifies as female in canon is fair game -- and I'll draw the first ten.

For inspiration, or just for some good reads, check these out: Top 5 Yuri Manga Recs (mirror on Tumblr).


1. Robin (Shortpacked)/Princess Bubblegum for :iconlphogan:
Femslash February - Robin and Princess Bubblegum by ErinPtah

2. Korra/Asami for :iconmexicaniaikatarainc:
Femslash February 2015 - Korra and Asami by ErinPtah

3. Juri/Shiori for :iconkinjiraretaningyou:
Femslash February 2015 - Shiori and Juri by ErinPtah

4. Ami/Minako for :iconfromequestria2la:
Femslash February 2015 - Ami and Minako by ErinPtah

5. Daenerys/Missandei for :iconkrisderp:
Femslash February 2015 - Daenerys/Missandei by ErinPtah

6. Nanoha/Fate for :iconchaospriest:
Femslash February 2015 - Fate and Nanoha by ErinPtah

7. June/Chloe from  Don't Trust The B- in Apt. 23 for :icondeecrowseer:
Femslash February 2015 - June and Chloe by ErinPtah

8. Kamala Khan/Carol Danvers for :iconintershrinker:
Femslash February - Kamala and Carol by ErinPtah

9. An Shoji/Mariko Misono from .hack//Sign for :iconneko-nomi:
Femslash February 2015 - An and Mariko by ErinPtah

10. Akira Yamamoto/Melda Dietz (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) for :iconandrewjpet:
Femslash February 2015 - Akira/Melda by ErinPtah

It's my birthday! / Holiday post

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 9:20 PM

[12/12] The last week of the Colbert Report is on us, so I feel like doing request chibis/sketches. Got a fake-news-related prompt? Leave a comment and I'll draw it!

(Open-ended for now. May put a cap on the number of requests if I get swamped, but until then, have at it.)

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

Classic anthem:

If you feel like doing something to celebrate, and you haven't already checked out But I'm A Cat Person, go check out But I'm A Cat Person. And if you're already reading, this occasion would be a great reason to plug it to other people. Tell your friends! Tell your followers! Tell the people next to you at the bus stop! Tell anyone who might be interested in adventure-comedy about queer geeks and their soulbonds with insecure shapeshifters.

If you like my art, now would be a cool time to commission me. Chibis are $5 each, and you can get a fullbody figure for as low as $20. I keep meaning to make a more graphics-heavy post advertising this -- but in the meantime, don't hesitate to comment, email me, PM me, etc. to work out the details.

Finally, if you don't want a commission but still feel like throwing a few bucks my way, you can send it via PayPal to sailorptah (at) yahoo (dot) com. I am, inexplicably, still not a millionaire from making webcomics, so every dollar helps.

Thank you for reading, and help yourself to some virtual cake on your way out:

Femslash February - Free Sketches

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 8:50 PM

First ten people to comment on this entry with an f/f couple (any series, canonically romantic or not, crossovers allowed) will get a free sketch. As long as both characters identify as female in their respective canons, it counts!


1. Madoka/Mami (Madoka Magica) for :iconfromequestria2la:
Femslash February 2014 - MadoMami by ErinPtah
2. Elphaba/Glinda (Wicked) for :iconkrisderp:
Femslash February 2014 - Glinda/Elphaba by ErinPtah
3. Dot Matrix/Mouse (ReBoot) for :iconsailordarkmoon:
Femslash February 2014 - Dot/Mouse by ErinPtah
4. Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn (DCU) for :iconinvaderargg:
Femslash February 2014 - Harley/Ivy by ErinPtah
5. Rose/Elena (Street Fighter) for :iconfireheart1001:
Femslash February 2014 - Elena/Rose by ErinPtah
6. Kyoko/Mami (Madoka Magica) for :iconkarienpryde:
Femslash February 2014 - KyoMami by ErinPtah
7. Black Cat (Marvel)/Zatanna (DCU) for :iconlphogan:
Femslash February 2014 - Black Cat/Zatanna by ErinPtah
8. Fuuka Yamagishi (Persona 3)/ Navi (Legend of Zelda) for :iconchaospriest:
Femslash February 2014 - Fuuka/Navi by ErinPtah
9. Utena/Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena) for :iconaeraellyth:
Femslash February 2014 - Utena/Anthy by ErinPtah
10. Utena characters for :iconmexicaniaikatarainc:
Femslash February 2014 - Utenian Game Characters by ErinPtah

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

[1/7] So, wow, judging by pageviews, I got linked somewhere with hardcore traffic around January 1. Anybody happen to know where...?

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

Some other places I post...

:bulletwhite: Blogging

ErinPtah on Wordpress - The main blog. Roundups of all the art/fic/mixes/comics/etcetera I post, fic recs, interesting fannish and news-related links, and a bit of personal stuff.
ErinPtah on Twitter - instant links when the blog or But I'm A Cat Person updates, plus general chatter.
SailorPtah on Dreamwidth - personal journal, and the one you'll see hanging around various Dreamwidth communities.

:bulletwhite: Fanfiction

SailorPtah on AO3 - fanfiction!
Ptahrrific on Dreamwidth - even more fanfiction! Plus fanmixes, and the occasional meme or Q&A.

:bulletwhite: Fanart & Comics

BICatPerson on Tumblr - regular crossposts from dA, plus comic-related Q&A's and other miscellaneous tidbits.
BICatPerson on Facebook - instant links when But I'm A Cat Person updates.

If you're on any of these sites, feel free to ask questions, add/follow me, or just look around!

Contests, Features, and More

Journal Entry: Wed May 22, 2013, 5:34 PM

[8/28] Working on another contest:

<da:thumb id="387890755"/>

[8/19] Voting for the Leo contest is on!

[5/29] Just added custom images to most of my gallery folders. Take a look!

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

(Why so many contests entered lately? Because, through the ones with art prizes, I'm trying to earn some publicity for But I'm A Cat Person. Hey, it's cheaper than buying ads.)

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Recent Contests

A few I've been working on lately...

Participate-in-Contests-CONTEST! [CLOSED][winners: ]
With the donations from our dearest Members/Watchers we are able to host another Participate-in-Contests-Contest! :D
Ever wanted to be rewarded for participating in contests? Now its your turn!
:trophy: What do you have to do?
This Contest is about entering as much as possible Contests :D
Create entries for them and you can also enter this contest.
The more the better! Make them happy with your work :D
You can use our Gallery  to find contests :)
:trophy: Rules
- Fav this journal (for unexpected news)
- Link me to your entry in the comments (dont upload it to the group)
- Link the original Contest in your Entry (cause I have to check the contests)
- Link this Group('s Contest) in your Entry (so I know its made for this Contest too)
- The Contest-Entry has to be submitted after 18th May!
-The Contest you wanna participate in
THE TIME HAS COME! :iconexcitedplz: I promised you all a contest when I reached 100:points:, so here we go!
Hey guys! The contest's deadline has been moved to JUNE 1st, 2013.
The entries will be judged by Swan97 :iconSwan97: and me, Gwij :iconGwij:. You can choose to draw, make a comic, do an animation, or simply take a photo! Just make sure it is clear and 100% yours (meaning, no lineart, stolen drawings/photos, etc. This does not apply to characters, use may use other people's OCs as long as you credit them! Only the artwork has to be original. :meow:)! This contest will consist of 3 categories:
I'm holding a contest!Hey! As you may have guessed from the title I am holding a contest! The points that are going to be available as prizes were collected using a donation pool, which many of you generously added to (Much thanks to *iskarlata!) What is this contest you ask?
THEME: ANYTHING GOES. Literally anything. Submit poetry, stories, photos, drawings etc. etc. They can be heart-rendingly tragic, bust-a-gut funny, endearingly simple, crazy complicated...well you get the picture.
RULES: Follow these rules to enter the contest.
*NOTE: Please submit the artwork by June 1st 12:00 EST.*
1) Please post a journal advertising this contest.
2) Send me the link for the journal either through note or comment.
3) Either note me the artwork or place it straight in the comments section.
You're done!
UPDATE: I was asked if you many submit many pieces of artwork or just one. The rule on this will be that you can submit up to 3 separate pieces of art but only one will be chosen if
:thumb367839912: :thumb367895096:

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Music Meme

(Tagged by :iconsqueekytheballetrat:)

Rules :
1. you must post the rules.
2. put your songs on shuffle then hit play.
3. wright down each song until you get to 10.
4. you have to chose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
5. go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. no stuff in the tagging section about"you're tagged if you're reading this." you legitimately have to tag 10 people.

I tend to go through my full music collection in chunks, alphabetical by artist. You can see where in the alphabet I am now...

1) The Toy Box - Russian Lullaby
2) Tori Amos - Like A Prayer
3) Toše Proeski - My Little One
4) Tom Petty - Running Down A Dream
5) Tokyo Rose - Right As Rain
6) Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Dreams Of Candlelight
7) TLC - Damaged
8) Trinity Roots - Aotearoa
9) Tommy James and the Shondells - Think We're Alone Now
10) U2 - I Will Follow

And yeah, I'm going to cop out and tag "anyone who's reading this, if you want to."

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Character Feature Meme

-> For each of the first 10 people to comment "Nation, you know me, I don't like to brag..." to this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them.

-> If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1) :iconkriolynn:










:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Free features (2/10 open) + New BICP skin!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 17, 2013, 10:02 PM

[5/9] There's a new BICP group on dA! Come watch or join BICatPerson, and maybe draw and submit some art of your own =)

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

[5/2] One of my contest entries is up for votes! Here's the picture:

Lace and a Lead Pipe by ErinPtah

And here are the polls it's in: squeekytheballetrat.deviantart… squeekytheballetrat.deviantart…

Do check them out, and vote for your favorite =)

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

1. For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!

1. :iconkriolynn: Anthro Reesha by KrioLynn After it All Colored by KrioLynn Chibi Maecha-Remi and Hiicha by KrioLynn
2. :iconikitsuneko: CdN - Do Not Fear the Flame by iKitsuneko .:CdNRP Scenario:. Irritation by iKitsuneko .:Target Acquired:. by iKitsuneko
3. :iconcnnafterdark: Thursday Afternoon Gaming Session by cnnafterdark Stephen and Jon as eagles by cnnafterdark Paperboys AU Stephen by cnnafterdark
4. :iconfireheart1001:

Mature Content

Blondes do have more fun by fireheart1001
Oblivion awaits by fireheart1001 Clash of No-Life Queens by fireheart1001
5. :iconetherealpunk: Date Night Outfit by etherealpunk Patterns Patterns Patterns by etherealpunk Lady Sassy Pants by etherealpunk
6. :iconmexicaniaikatarainc: Ana Sklodowska Haute Couture by MexicaniaiKataraINC Plants taking sun by MexicaniaiKataraINC Mordecai Dress by MexicaniaiKataraINC
7. :iconthemetaldragon: :thumb294731052: :thumb287204786: :thumb214999544:
8. :iconpuff222001: Happy Birthday from Sailor Hike! by puff222001 Grandma Selenity by puff222001 Possessions of Fantasy by puff222001

While you're here, check out this new journal skin! Please let me know if there are any glitches, or if it looks fine in your browser, and the installable version will be released soon =)

[5/16] This journal skin is now available for installation!

But I'm A Cat Person Journal Skin by ErinPtah

...and speaking of BICP, check this out too:

But I'm A Cat Person by SquiddleySquid

The tentacle pic got reported ._.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 9, 2013, 11:01 PM

BICP giveaway - deadline today!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 8:10 PM

Giveaway deadline is March 31. 500 points for one lucky winner, and 50 points for two lucky runners-up! Don't forget to check it out:

But I'm A Cat Person Giveaway - ClosedNow with winners!
Congratulations to:
:star: 500 points: #5 puff222001
:star: 50 points: #1 xXEternalSoulXx
:star: 50 points: #13 iTiggy
And thanks again to everyone who linked to But I'm A Cat Person!
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That's right, it's time for a point giveaway on behalf of BICP! The grand prize will be 500 points, and there will also be two 50-point runners-up.

Here are the rules:
:bulletwhite: Post a new journal that links to But I'm A Cat Person in the first paragraph.
:bulletwhite: For 1 extra entry, include at least 50 words about the comic. This can be a recommendation or a neutral description. (You get no extra points for praising the comic -- just don't bash it, please!)
:bulletwhite: For up to 2 extra entries, link to BICP on up to 2 other social media sites: Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Twitt

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And here are some other giveaways going on...

One by :icondngdesign: - Another Contest This Time FREE CAKE!!!Closed Cool-Mojo-Sis Won
So yes I am here again for another amazing Giveaway. This time I'm giving away... Cake Badges!!! I only chose this as so many people wanted one
Okay. What you have to do?
- watch me
- fav this journal
- make a journal about the giveaway and link it to me
- Want your name entered twice??? then also submit this journal to a group that you are       part of or put a link to this journal in your signature!
The More People that enter the more Cake I give
So GoGoGo
How the Winner will be decided?
(Scroll Down Now)
DEADLINE IS  30/03/2013
When you comment here with the link to your journal I will put your name in the random genrator
I will use a random generator to select the a winner.
When a winner has been chosen, I will post a follow-up journal.
So Get Going!!!!
And Keep Checking As You May Win!!!

A second one by :icondngdesign: - CONTESTYes that's right you heard me there is now a contest you have till I'm having my First Contest!!!! So the prise is  1 Month Premium Membership!!!!
Okay. What you have to do?
-All you have to do in order to participate is:
- watch me
- fav this journal
- make a journal about the giveaway and link it to me
.(Note I will check all these are done)
NEW!!! - Want your name entered twice??? then also submit this journal to a group that you are part of or put a link to this journal in your signature!
How is the winner selected?
DEADLINE IS  01/04/2013
When you comment here with the link to your journal, I will assign your comment a  number.
I will use a random number generator to select the a winner.
When a winner has been chosen, I will post a follow-up journal.
So Get Going!!!!

And one by :iconcaughtinthehurricane: - :thumb361584014:

Now with winners!

Congratulations to:

:star: 500 points: #5 puff222001
:star: 50 points: #1 xXEternalSoulXx
:star: 50 points: #13 iTiggy

And thanks again to everyone who linked to But I'm A Cat Person!

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That's right, it's time for a point giveaway on behalf of BICP! The grand prize will be 500 points, and there will also be two 50-point runners-up.

Quit Tripping On Me by ErinPtah Compass Rose by ErinPtah Sunshine and Moonlight by ErinPtah

Here are the rules:

:bulletwhite: Post a new journal that links to But I'm A Cat Person in the first paragraph.
:bulletwhite: For 1 extra entry, include at least 50 words about the comic. This can be a recommendation or a neutral description. (You get no extra points for praising the comic -- just don't bash it, please!)
:bulletwhite: For up to 2 extra entries, link to BICP on up to 2 other social media sites: Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Twitter, a blog, etcetera. 1 extra entry per site.
:bulletwhite: For 1 extra entry, note me with the answer to this question: What is Miranda's middle name? (The answer is in one of the comics.)
:bulletwhite: Comment here with links to your journal and any extra posts.

And that's it! No need to follow this account or be a regular reader of the comic (though it would be cool if you did).

Giveaway ends March 31.

First prize: 500 points
Two runner-up prizes: 50 points

When you comment, I'll give you a number (or up to 5 numbers, depending on how many extras you earned). On March 31 I'll use to draw the numbers of the winners. You can only win once, though, so if two numbers come up for the same person I'll re-draw for the second number.

Happy linking!

Beingstuck - Three Humans by ErinPtah BICP - Cybele Attacks by ErinPtah All Dressed Up by ErinPtah   BICP - Dressed For Snow by ErinPtah

1. xXEternalSoulXx
2. xXEternalSoulXx
3. puff222001
4. puff222001
5. puff222001
6. TheAwesomeness0330
7. TheAwesomeness0330
8. LilacPhoenix
9. LilacPhoenix
10. LilacPhoenix
11. Kirby-Tree
12. lokolokoako
13. iTiggy
14. iTiggy
15. iTiggy
16. allyalltheway
17. allyalltheway
18. Kinetic-Passion
19. Kinetic-Passion
20. Kinetic-Passion
21. Luffffy
22. Luffffy
23. Luffffy
24. Luffffy
25. Luffffy
26. puff222001

But I'm A Cat Senshi by ErinPtah Babies and Plushies by ErinPtah

So many giveaways *_*

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2013, 6:22 PM

Entering a bunch of point giveaways. Maybe I'll do a But I'm A Cat Person-related one soon...

(Still working on the Femslash February sketch requests, never fear!)

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:iconu-ne: is doing an 800 :points: giveaway! They do a lot of art, though sadly not in any of my fandoms...

:thumb331137909: :thumb314823667: :thumb323219208:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:iconhvrchota: is doing a 400 :points: giveaway. Cute journal layout:


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:iconpoo-ky:, who has some excellent art, is doing a 2000 :points: giveaway:

CLOSEDwinner is :iconcamiiiichan:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:iconsilverden: is doing a whopping 4000 :points: giveaway:

EDIT: 4000 point giveaway..

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

:iconkoffeelam:, with an adorable layout, is doing a 1500 :points: giveaway:

I'm hosting a 1500 points GIVEAWAY~! (CLOSED)Hello guys~ So I'm hosting a points giveaway now, there will be some rules, make sure that you read it~! :iconigetit-plz:
-I will pick 3 winners using, each one gets 500 :points:
-If there are more than 300 deviants join there will be 4 winners. :iconchitandaahplz:
-The giveaway starts on February 12th, ends on March 29th
:bulletpink: Only my watchers can join. (Yes~ Watch me XD)
:bulletpink: Add this journal to your favourites. (It will be your number too)
:bulletpink: Make a journal/poll in your profile about this giveaway, link back this journal.
Title: [Something about the giveaway.]
koffeelam is hosting a points giveaway. [link]

:bulletpink: After those 3 steps, come back and leave a comment with a link of the journal/poll. Easy peasy~
:bulletpink: You can only use 1 account to join, I'm so sorry but to prevent spam, you must be deviant for 2 months+ :iconmisakisighplz:
:bulletpink: After the gener

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

And :iconkoimii: is raffling off not points, but art! Check it out:


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

As far as BICP-related things go, there will be either a giveaway or an actual contest coming up soon. Look out for it!

Apparently Tumblr has decided that February will be a Month Of Doing Femslash, and the enthusiasm has spread out from there. As you may have noticed, I believe every month is a Month Of Doing Femslash -- but it never hurts to have events and fests and conversation-starters to entice new people to the yuri side.

In the name of spreading the joy, the first ten people to comment here will get a free sketch of the f/f pairing of your choice.

Let me know the series, the characters, and a prompt or situation, and the result will be posted within the month. Canon female characters only, please (characters whose gender identities are ambiguous, such as Fish Eye, may also be accepted), and nothing NSFW. Anything else is fair game!


1. Heinkel/Yumie (Hellsing) for :iconangelkiller666: FemslashFebruary - HeinkelxYumie by ErinPtah

2. Irene/Molly (BBC Sherlock) for :iconkrisderp: FemslashFebruary - ...and a Cat by ErinPtah

3.  Bianca/Sparrow (BICP) for :iconpuff222001: FemslashFebruary - Cherries by ErinPtah

4. Seras/older!Integra (Hellsing) for :iconmooneifos: FemslashFebruary - IntegraxSeras by ErinPtah

5. Homura/Mami (Madoka Magica) for :iconkarienpryde: FemslashFebruary - HomuMami by ErinPtah

6. IntegraxSeras (Hellsing) for :iconsheila-is-my-queen: FemslashFebruary - Night Sky by ErinPtah

7. Natasha/Pepper (Avengers) for :iconcatrionamalfoy: FemslashFebruary - Black Widow Descending by ErinPtah

8. Kyoko/Sayaka (Madoka Magica) for :iconturbulentindigo: FemslashFebruary 2013 - KyoSaya by ErinPtah

9. Galinda/Elphaba (Wicked) for :iconkindii: FemslashFebruary - Wicked Subtext by ErinPtah

10. Hermione/Luna (Harry Potter) for :iconysabetwordsmith: FemslashFebruary - Luna+Hermione by ErinPtah

:bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite:

[2/3] Interested in drawing a struggle between evil fairy-tale creatures and the humans who must fight and triumph over them? Flyboy254 and friends are working on a fanbook that needs just that kind of illustration. Free work is preferred, but in some cases pay can be arranged. Drop him a note and let him know if you're interested!

[11/3] Visit cupcakes-and-coffee.deviantart… to vote in the Cupcakes-and-Coffee Halloween Cutie contest! The art of Cybele, Poe, and Reseda is in the second poll =)

[10/3] Awesome news -- But I'm A Cat Person is on the front page of TopWebComics! Please visit… and vote once a day all this month to keep it there!

:bulletwhite: :bulletblue: :bulletwhite:

My computer mouse is dead. Gone kaput. Given up the ghost. It's dead, Jim. All I have left to draw with is a trackpad, and that's already making my hand sore.

Help me buy a new one? They're not expensive, but I'm actually possibly going to be late with rent next month, and need to be making more money than I spend. Send PayPal donations to -- any amount will help, even as little as $1. Anyone who donates will get a chibi and/or a sketch, as soon as possible.

(Technology just isn't going my way lately -- my scanner broke down last month. At least in that case I don't need to rush to a replacement, since I can borrow the ones at school.)

Thanks in advance to everyone who can chip in!

Hypothetical Crossover Meme

Fri Mar 30, 2012, 10:17 PM

[5/18] Want to score a ridiculously cheap commission in the next two hours? Donate to BICP's Kickstarter project and you can get a full-color full figure for as low as $10. Plus other cool prizes, of course!

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

[5/16] Meme: Let's play the Hypothetical Crossover game! Name any two (or more) fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I will tell you how I would, hypothetically, cross them over!

Any fandom from my dA gallery or fanfic masterlist is fair game ^_^

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

[5/13] But I'm A Cat Person is fundraising to go to Otakon! Every donor gets awesome prizes, from custom artwork to your very own cameo in the story. We've reached 40% of our goal -- can you chip in? Every $1 helps!…

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The Contest Contest Featured Winners

Featured pieces from the galleries of the winners of moments-of-zen's Contest About Contests! Keep an eye on the group for more contests to come.

First Place: TheLilacPilgrim

Quick Sketch: Harley + Ivy by TheLilacPilgrim Vince Noir Bottle by TheLilacPilgrim Phonecall Page 2 by TheLilacPilgrim

Mature Content

Oh, It's YOU. by TheLilacPilgrim

Second Place: ColbertNSFW

TDS/TCR Icecream Extravaganza! by ColbertNSFW

Young Stephen Colbert by ColbertNSFW Jon Stewart chibi by ColbertNSFW