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With the Blessings of Pasta

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There's an old tradition of mahou shoujo being blessed with the powers of the gods . . .

So here's a magical girl who will punish you in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Her outfit is obviously mainly spaghetti-themed, though I tried to put in a few piratey details as well. It could use more, but that would require me doing costume research, so it's not going to happen soon.

Anybody want to suggest a name?

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Hows about Sailor Rigatoni for a name?
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It's obviously Magic-User Pasta Knight. In the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, she will punish you with noodly appendage whip and You Are Not the Only Religion saucy strike. Also, she needs a pirate cutlass.
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Schatten-DracheHobbyist Traditional Artist
I mean her name should be sometzhing you can shourtcut as F.S.M. (for example Franziska Sutter Marie) i did that with my pirategirl, too ;)
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Sugar-BoltHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Buccaneer Girl Pranzo!

but seriously I'm in favor of Saint Ragu as well.
pranzo= lunch in italian
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Winged Sailor Spaghetti.
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I was thinking she should be called Noodle Girl, and have a sidekick named Macaroni.
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The magical phrase she uses to introduce herself:

"On top of spaghetti! All covered in cheese! I am Creamy Sauce Queen CARBONARA! In the name of the meatball, get lost!"

She delivers this with only the most serious of tones, of course, complete with complex hand motions.

Her main attacks: a sneeze assault and a rolling physical attack.
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"In the name of the meatball, get lost!"

Love it.
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If you have one magical girl, you need a second to have the requisite "unstated romantic overtones" to their relationship. I recommend naming her Erubescent Sauce Maharani Bolognese.

Or you can go the Pretty Cure route with simple names: Sauce White and Sauce Red.
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Pretty Noodly Messiah Saint Ragu?
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Ooh. I'm feeling it.
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shanejayellHobbyist Writer

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nemesiskismetHobbyist Photographer
Actually, she wouldn't straight out punish you but admonish you and then say "But it's your life and you can do whatever you want. The FSM doesn't mind as long as all parties consent. But if they don't all consent I might have to actually do something about it."

Why yes, I DID read the book.

Nice to see a scout getting PANTS for once. Jeeze.

Name suggestion: Sailor Linguine (since that's what the noodles you drew look like. @_@)
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I imagine that she only goes after people/villains/monsters-of-the-day once it's established that somebody's not consenting =)

I actually thought about this while designing her: "Hm, what hasn't been done with mahou shoujo? . . . aha! Pants!"
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nemesiskismetHobbyist Photographer
Of course. XP (You should read the book. It's hilarious.)

Pants ftw. I love it. *heart*
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You underestimate me, my friend. I own the book ^_~
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nemesiskismetHobbyist Photographer
.... *prays to thee, oh goddess-like one.*
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Thats cheap and corny enough to work ','
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Sailor Pastafarian!

By day she is sweet and innocent Al Dente's student Prima Vera, but by night with the help of her magical broach she is Sailor Pastafarian, defender of the world!
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CatrionaMalfoyStudent Digital Artist
Sailor Italy. With the blessings of the country of the pasta, Sailor Italy comes in. Her attacks, "Meatball cannon blast" "Saucy tomato attack" and "parmigiana cheese sprinkle swirl"

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hehe, flying spagetti monster.

hmmm...if she had pasta familiars I could think of something....something like a pet more then a charby and his demonic male skeetos...
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