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With Petals

My friend Katherine requested "Alucard in Integra's blue dress" (featured repeatedly in Shine) at Otakon 2007.

"Regular Alucard or Girlycard?" I asked.

"Either," she said. So I drew both. Here's the Girlycard. Alucard-in-drag is over here.

Tumblr: Reblog from here, don't repost!

Lingeriecard by ErinPtah Dogs Of War Playing Poker by ErinPtah Kao - Monstrous Alucard by ErinPtah
Vintage - All In A Row by ErinPtah Girls In Gowns by ErinPtah 
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This reminds me of :iconiheartexploding: She dressed up as ball gown Girlycard for the con she recently went to XD

Nicely done!
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eee! Its girlycard! thanks for drawing this amazing work of art. Please draw more girlycard in the future maybe girlycard x young walter...think about at least please?
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This is sooo cute, it's actually hurting me!!!
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D'awwwww =3

O_O My name's Katherine....
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Does Integra know Alucard's been going through her closet?... and that he almost looks better in that dress than she does?

I <3 <3 <3 it. Except her left arm is bugging me...
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It'd still be interesting to see regular Alu in a blue dress...................
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Stick around; it's coming!
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This is so cute! I love the dress, it looks really good on her!
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Girlycard for the win! :D I like this.
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I love the picture..i remember the dress from the comic. That was a good arc ^_^
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aaaw she's so cute!
i love the dress!
you've gotten pretty good at girlycard over time!

(btw, i'm juu-chan who sent the 3 comics during guest week)
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I love it. My only concern is that Girlycard looks waa-y to innocent in that dress, but then I expect all Girlycard images to look devious in some aspect.
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She only looks innocent. That's how she gets you ^_~
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I agree with Chaospriest on all fronts here.

And the way that i am looking at it; Girlycard looks more grown up now then her/his old self.

As Girlycard looks now she migth as well have made her self ready for a wedding as the bride :p
Wow, if I didn't know that was Alucard I'd be harboring PSL for her. As it is I'm still really impressed.
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Ah! Cute! ^___^ Girlycard is teh cuteness! I wish my hair did that . . . ^_^

I'm loving the new Shine arc too, btw. Yay, Timothy! :heart::heart::heart:
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