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Why So Serious, Fraeulein?

By ErinPtah
There are certain irredeemable louts for whom the only joy is to be found in the next war, and the next war, and the next . . .
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This has a certain win quality to it...but also a very certain disturbing quality to it...all in all...I kinda like it (which is a great compliment because I hate the Major)...maybe it's the fact that Alucard is in the picture that makes me like the Major dressed as a joker cosplayer...
godzillas-slave's avatar
sweet.... and totaly TRUE! great job. =)
Lady-Tigress's avatar
This... broke my brain.
ArchlordV's avatar
Oh. My. God. This is just too great! The funny thing is that I found this while I was checking to see if my own picture uploaded correctly. The Major wearing the Joker's gear? Pure genius, in my opinion. Great work!
BTW, mybe you'd like to check out the picture that I uploaded along a similar track. "Why so serious, Hellsing..." If you like cosplay, it should give you a laugh...

"Yeah, I support Luke Valentine and Rip Van Winkle. But I think the real question here is: what the Hell are YOU going to do about it?"
Nighteyes-De-Dracul's avatar
*eventually* Ow. My brain. Neat.
Riverbird's avatar
Holy crap, that is one of the funniest things ever!
ereyes's avatar
That is awesome. I can imagine the Major pulling off a pencil trick. :nod:
uhrwerk-und-eisen's avatar
For connecting Hellsing and the Dark Knight, YOU WIN TWELVE INTERNETS!!! :heart:
Angelia-Dark's avatar
YES!!! YESS!!!! F***KIN' A+!!! *is too joyous that I'm not the only person who's thought of this*
goblinbee's avatar
Love the expression on Major.
AtticusBlackwolf's avatar
It took me a bit but i finally got the joke...ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
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