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Who Will Bell The Catboy?

What would you do if you had your very own catboy?

Well, if you're Seras, put a bell on him. (Schroedinger doesn't seem to mind.)

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Rosy Cuddlepile by ErinPtah FemslashFebruary - IntegraxSeras by ErinPtah Triptych by ErinPtah Kao - Blood Seras by ErinPtah 
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Hmmmm... I'd dress him up in a cute schoolgirl uniform.
Then I'd take him with me to school and train him to act sick
so I can have an excuse to leave to take care of my wittle baby!!
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ummm... hes a wolf just like his captain Hans just to let you know
ErinPtah's avatar
No, he's a catboy. Hirano confirmed when asked directly that he's feline, and was created by Doc.

He's also a member of the Nazi division called the Werwolves, along with Rip (who's a vampire), but that's a rank and not a species: [link]
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you do relize that wikipedia can be edited by anyone right? so the information is possibal to be incorrect. i wont argue any further but by the manga i own what it says is that he is a werewolf he himself schrodinger said he was a werewolf in book 4
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You realize that the Nazi Werwolf division isn't only found on Wikipedia, right? There are published scholarly books about it. Check Amazon or your library some time.

The creator, Hirano Kohta, was meticulous about the details of WWII German military. He would have known about this division, even if the manga's English translators might not have. The "Schrodinger was created by Doc, and is a cat" line is a direct quote from him, in response to a question asked by a friend of mine at one of his appearances. Can't get much more authoritative than that.
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I apolagize I see I was wrong
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Apology accepted, thanks =)
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keep up the good art
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Hmm. I would first go to the mall and get him any
clothes he wants, (Even girl clothes! ;3) Then we
would get some smoothies and talk for awhile. After
which we would go to hot topic and get some hair dye
and Gir plushies to fight with. Meow! I wish that was real!
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Love it. Love everything about it. Make more of it.
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Awww, very cue and original. What's this from, I MUST know!
ErinPtah's avatar
Both characters are from Hellsing =)
Self-Torture's avatar
X,D He's a dog... But he looks like a kitty...
ErinPtah's avatar
According to Hirano, he's a catboy, and was created by Doc =)
Self-Torture's avatar
He said he was a werewolf though... -confuzzled-
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He and Rip are both part of the Wehrwolves, which was the name of a group of Nazi troops: [link]

It's their rank/job, not their species.
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Ohh. Okay. ^.^ I've only read up till book four so yeah lol.
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I wouldn't mind either!
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Oh I don't know anything else to say but naaawww!:D

Really, I can't..! o_o"
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it's so sweet :'3
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such a cute picture.
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