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Wedding Variations



Cross-cultural wedding fashions in the Leif & Thorn universe, as modeled by our heroes.

Ceannic couples tend to dress in whites and pastels, although the darker knightly dress uniform is common if you're pledged to an order. The flower crown is a must, for all genders and presentations -- it's a general symbol of goodness and prosperity. Expect a lot of other flowers too, as a point of national pride.

Sønska couples wear a lot more black, because the last thing you want in your wedding photos is to blend in with the snow. Plus lots of red (because it's lucky), and as much gorgeous detailed embroidery as you can afford. The jeweled silver circlets tend to be family heirlooms.

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What would they each wear if given the choice? I'm guessing the looks on the right! 

Are there unicorns involved