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Webcomic Pride - Marching Mahous

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This Pride Month, I'm drawing a bunch of fanart with canon-LGBTQ webcomic characters showing up at Pride parades. (Anyone who wants to join me, tag it with #webcomicpride!)

Today: magical-girl teamup between Sleepless Domain and Hovergirls.

Kokoro has a "Queer People Are Magic" shirt, and the flying scarf to back it up. Zoe's just getting used to adding some color to her wardrobe. Kim is another character who isn't established as queer or trans in canon, but I made an executive decision to draw her in because (a) she'd definitely be here to support Jalissa and (b) she would actually wear an elaborate flag-based outfit...while Jalissa's only wardrobe concession was to stick some pins on her hat.

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