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Wallpaper - Species Swap I

By ErinPtah
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Role-swapped (and, therefore, species-swapped) Being/Master pairings from But I'm A Cat Person. With backstories and everything!

Kara Lynn & Jany: British-Chinese teenage student Katya Lin inherited the Lizard. Named her Jalal, because she thought it sounded cool and wasn't paying much attention to gender. Katya is looking forward to dating an actual girl at some point, but likes the aesthetic of having a cute soft-butch devotee. Scales and all.

Cybele & Bennett: American political science researcher Chesiree Nevada has an unconventional assistant: the Rabbit. She calls him Benny! He's good at being grumpy and disapproving, so she keeps him in twelve-year-old form, because it's cuter that way. Everyone at the institute loves them.

Patrick & Bianca: American corporate archivist, currently working for the Being research division of Cohen Broadcasting. Has the Dog, a fluffy poodle he named Bianca, and sometimes volunteers her for research. She's calming for his anxiety, especially when he's stressing out over his crush on the boss.

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I like that, even in AUs, Cohen is still stupid sexy and causing crushes on accident. XD
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It's his blessing and his curse.