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Vlad and Young Integra

There's a contest over at the IntegraxAlucard LJ comm to do pieces combining Alucard in Vlad form with Integra in Young form. I immediately thought of something like this.

Vlad: "Careful with that, Master!"
Integra: "Shut up, Alucard, I'll - oof - handle this."

There was a display of amazing swords in the armory at Windsor Castle, where I went the other day. The hilt of this one is based on some of those. (They don't let you take pictures inside, unfortunately, so I had to draw this from memory.)

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Family Art by ErinPtah Christmas Fanservice 2009 by ErinPtah The Way To Raise An Heir by ErinPtah 'Teggy Loves Spaghetti by ErinPtah 
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Vlad: balance the weight Master Integra, if you hold it wrong you can damage your back, that's right just like that

Walter: what the hell do you think you're doing?!

Vlad: silence Walter the child needs to learn
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Le GASP oh my god. so cute!!!!!!!
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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Can I keep it? pleasepleasepleaseplease?
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She would so be like that LOL. Even at 12, she was putting Alucard in his place
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the cuteness! it BURNS!!!
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This pic made my day!!!
GirlycardFangirl's avatar
So cute! I love little integra
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Integra-chan is much too cute for her own good. *snickers, dodges the swung sword*
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Very cute and much coolness abounds
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:giggle: That is just too cute. I'm going to try to get my dad to let my little sister come with me to the next anime convention here in Sacramento, as young Integra. I'll be older Integra, of course, and I'm going to get a black bikini to wear under my outfit, like in that one Shine arc, so I can get in the pool. :XD:
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The sword kind of reminds me of the sword of Gryffindor, lol.
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I can see it now, she manages to lift it above her head, then falls over backwards from the weight, I don't think she'd even be able to lift the sword from the manga at that age
Reminds me of RG Veda ^^
Really like it. Another great Sailor Ptah work ^^
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Integra is so cute! And Vlad-Alucard seems kind of fatherly there... It's nice. ^_^
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AWWW DATS SUPER CUTE!!!! i freakin love AxI!!!!!!
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well personaly i think you could have done integra a little bit better.

she looks to much like a Chibi character if you ask me.

and those red lines that run a cross Vlad's hear look out of place.

other then that i looks great ;)
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She's an anime four-year-old; of course she looks chibi ^_~

But thanks for the concrit, and I'm glad you like it anyway!
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you no problem on the Concrit. i am used to speaking my mind anyway.

and sure i like it. i dont follow your doujin at "And Shine Heaven Now" for nothing you know ;)

(i use the same name on your forum as my name here :p)
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Integra looks very cute in this picture. I love the contrast her. She's holding a deadly weapon and she has little hearts on her shoes
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Looks great, but are Alucard/Vlad's eyes supposed to be looking off to the right? Or down at Integra?

They look like they're gazing off into the distance, which is kind of contradictory to his statement/posture, IMHO.
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