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Visit to the Beach



Drawn in response to one fanboy's request "to see the females of Hellsing in a cheesy visit-to-the-beach episode." That was more than two years ago; drawing all the figures took almost three sketchbook pages. It was fun.

The original title was "All The Female Characters in Hellsing", as there honestly aren't that many. But, as was pointed out to me, it's missing a few: the prostitute and the woman who greets Anderson coming off the train from Order 03 (Sword Dancer); Integra's mother; Seras' mother; the clerk from Rio in volume 3 (whose gender is a little hard to tell); and of course "She" (and possibly Girlycard, now that I think about it) from Hellsing: The Dawn.

(For the record, the Queen is the one taking the photo, which is why she's not shown. She has to be drawn in shadows, you see, and there aren't enough here. Note my blatant disregard for the characters' varying sun tolerances.)

I sat on this for a while, with the intention of drawing the missing characters and adding them in; but I keep forgetting about it. So I should upload it as-is, and let you enjoy the hot chicks in swimsuits =)

Now I should probably do a picture of all the Hellsing guys (or at least, as many as I can) lined up along the dunes with binoculars.

I drew the background myself rather than swapping in a photograph, and am inordinately proud of that fact.

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OMG!!! The happening is awesome. Rip with Teggy are a must; little Helena playing is a bless and Heinkel with Yumi are hilarious... loooved the swimsuit of the nun.