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Visit to the Beach

Drawn in response to one fanboy's request "to see the females of Hellsing in a cheesy visit-to-the-beach episode." That was more than two years ago; drawing all the figures took almost three sketchbook pages. It was fun.

The original title was "All The Female Characters in Hellsing", as there honestly aren't that many. But, as was pointed out to me, it's missing a few: the prostitute and the woman who greets Anderson coming off the train from Order 03 (Sword Dancer); Integra's mother; Seras' mother; the clerk from Rio in volume 3 (whose gender is a little hard to tell); and of course "She" (and possibly Girlycard, now that I think about it) from Hellsing: The Dawn.

(For the record, the Queen is the one taking the photo, which is why she's not shown. She has to be drawn in shadows, you see, and there aren't enough here. Note my blatant disregard for the characters' varying sun tolerances.)

I sat on this for a while, with the intention of drawing the missing characters and adding them in; but I keep forgetting about it. So I should upload it as-is, and let you enjoy the hot chicks in swimsuits =)

Now I should probably do a picture of all the Hellsing guys (or at least, as many as I can) lined up along the dunes with binoculars.

I drew the background myself rather than swapping in a photograph, and am inordinately proud of that fact.

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Annie-O's avatar
OMG!!! The happening is awesome. Rip with Teggy are a must; little Helena playing is a bless and Heinkel with Yumi are hilarious... loooved the swimsuit of the nun.
tarvitiz's avatar
Happy hollidays for all!!
PsychopathicPussyCat's avatar
Heinkel is just "Dammit Yumi i told you to leave the sword at home" XD
and i love how you gave her a cross shaped cut out in her bathing suit, thats very clever :D
Azarathian-Mage's avatar
For a second, I thought the chick with the sword was Blood, but then I realized that it was the chick from Section 13.
Acidpond's avatar
rip looks hot as ever who is the blue haired chick
ErinPtah's avatar
Jessica, who along with Leif was a vampire-of-the-week from early in the series.
Acidpond's avatar
cool I haven't ever watched the anime
serpentine61398's avatar
for one day they put down the guns and swords and went to the beach except for alucard and anderson who are not at the beach instead they are fighting for fun
seadragon33's avatar
wait the one thats holding yumi back is thats guy errm girl?

In Hellsing: Crossfire it's even more obvious she is female. There's even a joke where Maxwell is surprised by this.

ErinPtah's avatar
That's Heinkel Wolfe, who's depicted as unambiguously female in the series of short stories where Hirano originally drew her. Only long after this picture was drawn did she show up in Hellsing proper, in an incarnation with a much more ambiguous gender.
seadragon33's avatar
thank you for claering that up though it was that guy with the guns who in the OVA lights Sir integras cigar in episode 8 or 7
xcryx's avatar
whos the small girl? and i love it is there a men one done all ready?
ErinPtah's avatar
Helena, from the TV series. And no, there's not going to be one for the men; there are too many of them ^_^;
xcryx's avatar
can i get a link to one of them if its ok? and i love the picture
JHShadon's avatar
Alucard's probably invisible watching them while thinking "This hurts but it's worth it."
Annie-O's avatar
Nice to see him mentioned. Yeah, this is quite a scene worth some burns.
ViraIshnia's avatar
Can I make a request for a cheesy visit-to-the-beach featuring the Men this time? Don't ask me why but I like seeing Alucard in swim trunks.
Philos555's avatar
Oh, man-You know if Alucard was there, he'd be hitting on Integra so bad...... =D
ArchlordV's avatar
Hey, what's everybody lookin'- *catches sight of the girls on the beach* WOAH! AWESOME! This is an epic pic; I didn't think I would ever see all (well, NEARLY all) of the girls from Hellsing in one pic. Your blend of both the series and OVA universe is flawless. The Archlord salutes you!

Jan: *being dragged away by the ear* "Aw, c'mon, bro'! I just wanna see what they're doing!"
Luke: *doing the dragging* "Yeah, I've never heard THAT before!"
Jan: "Saaaayyy...isn't that Rip-chan over there?"
Luke: *releases, turns* "WHERE?!"
Jan: *runs for it* "SUCKER!"
Luke: T_T *sigh*

"Yeah, I support Luke Valentine and Rip Van Winkle. But I think the real question here is: what the Hell are YOU going to do about it?"
fireheart1001's avatar
I remember seeing this pic ages ago, but for some strange reason I couldn't find it again on DA (it didn't come up in the search engine). Anyway, I'm glad I found it again. This is an awesome crossover! Well done! ;)
sucker1999's avatar
Now, why doesn`t Heinkel have a.... in this pic? XD
kalga's avatar
Heinkel's swimming suit. Seems a tad...Ironic? A cross being used to show cleavage.

Makes it no less awesome though. WHY DON'T THEY MAKE THOSE IN REAL LIFE!?!
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