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Violet-Rowan-Thorn fusion - Lepidolite

Triple fusion from the Leif & Thorn Gem AU. Violet and Rowan have the most stable fusion on the team, and Thorn is stable with all his knights...and since I drew those three combinations, obviously I had to complete the hexafusion.

Violet (Amethyst) + Rowan (Carnelian) + Thorn (Sapphire) = Lepidolite.

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Rowan: This is going to take more smashing than any of us can do alone. That's just physics.
Thorn: Noted. You two have the strongest fusion -- let's see it.

Thorn: Botswana Agate smash!
(Excessive Smashing Later...)

Botswana Agate: It's not taking, boss. We need to go bigger.
Thorn: In that case...mind if I join you?
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