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Various Strexcorp Daemonless

By ErinPtah
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The severed and/or heavily-drugged half of the daemon AU Desert Bluffs characters.

Vanessa Crane - Desert Bluffs Corporate Radio intern, severed. Equipped with an official brand-name StrexDaemon(TM), fun-size version. Former daemon: cockatrice, Orestes.

Kevin Serling - Former most-resistant of radio hosts, not severed (in his world, people have internal daemons...and corporeal deaths). R&D originally developed the StrexDaemon(TM) for him, to compensate for the fact that his company-brand medications weren't completely suppressing his ability to feel loneliness. "Daemon": Bedamim.

Carlo Raimondi - former Outsider experimental theologian, severed and co-opted into the company. Sometimes his ghost shows up in Carlos's visions/dreams/hallucinations. Former daemon: hyena, Caesena.

(Frame stock by Tigers-stock.)

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This almost looks like a portait of people being taken pictures then being hung on the wall c:
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these are really lovely! :heart: I love the designs as well as the art. :)
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You're welcome! :)