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Various Night Vale Angels

By ErinPtah
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By popular demand: angels in the His Dark Materials AU! When a human ascends, they merge with their daemon into a single body and take on physical characteristics of their daemon's settled form, because it's cuter that way.

Angels have different levels of visibility depending on how strong they are. (Xaphania was totally visible; Baruch and Balthamos were just shimmers in the air.) I've taken artistic license here and drawn them all as extra-strong so you can see the details.

Erika: Very handsome birb. Elegant and fluffy. Has all the dollars, thus, most important birb in town. (Marcus Vansten, fancy pigeon.)

Erika: Wouldn't mind wearing clothes for modesty reasons, but it's hard when your body has giant furry parachute-like flaps stretching from your wrists to your knees. (Quentin, southern flying squirrel)

Erika: Acted as personal guardian angel for Dana that one time. MIA since. (Vithya, firefly)

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