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Vacation Science

By ErinPtah
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Headcanon: Carlos's hair goes foomph when it gets humid. Since Night Vale is only ever hot and dry, Cecil will never see this happen...unless they go on vacation together.

(He eventually accepts it as its own kind of perfection -- it just takes some getting used to.)

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Cecil: So this is the "beach"! Of course we get sand in the desert all the time, but it's so neat to see it adjacent to actual water!

Are you dressed yet, honey? I want to go see if the ocean is still there when you look at it up close!

Carlos: Just a minute, I'll be right there...

Okay, I'm ready to go!

Cecil: OH! Carlos! You said we would be perfectly safe out here!

Carlos: What? We are!

Cecil: But there's some kind of fluffy monster devouring your head!

Carlos: Uh...Cecil, let me explain to you a fun scientific concept called "humidity."
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Haha haha haha has as too perfect! Both Cecil's shock and Carlos' glorious response!
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Hehe. Fluffy monster devouring your head. Cecil's never had a bad hair day, clearly.
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LOL x3 If anything, it can be pillow!
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this is actual gold