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VOLUME III - 2009.09.03

Sailor Hellsing is about to return.

The art on this one is years old, but I still like the pose.

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Heart of Glass by ErinPtah BKSH - Sailor Vampire by ErinPtah BKSH - Master and Monster by ErinPtah ACT 1 - 2009.02.01 by ErinPtah 
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Please pardon the very late comment, but I've only just now come cross this.  Why a red cravat with her original anime outfit?
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Style. What works with the color scheme. I would presume she owns more than one color of cravat, and can wear different ones on different days =)
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The color shades you used do look nice together.

By that reasoning, she shouldn't always be colored in a green suit, either.  It's the largest piece of her iconic outfit though, so *shrug*.
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Well, sure, which is why I don't always draw her in a green suit. She just happens to be wearing it here.
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Fair enough.  To be honest I haven't followed Shine since it started crossing over with other series, but I do recall her in darker suits post-OVA release.  As well as dresses or Alucard's hat on occasion. :D
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Awesome art<3

and Yayyy the return of PKSH<3
WIN. I've been waiting for this!
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O.O This cover blows my mind. Just the way Alucard is looking out just sends shivers down my spine xD Can't wait to see more of the comic.
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sweet :)

i hope u like this ...


good luck

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hellsing is awesome.
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