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Un?likely Friends

By ErinPtah
"Draw your favourite OC with your least favourite as if they were best friends, then mix their genders!"

But I'm A Cat Person's Cybele and Cub, genderswapped, and hanging out.

It was very hard to choose a "favorite" and "least favorite" character, but finally I looked at how frequently I draw them -- for fun, that is, not in the comic where it's dictated by the needs of the story. Cybele comes in first (what can I say, she's that adorable). And poor Cub ends up being dead last (he's a big muscular guy, the drawing of which is not my forte; and his personality hasn't been touched on at all, meaning there's not much there to be fond of).
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Cubby!!! I always cheer when I see him, because we don't see much of that guy. Do you have plans for him to show up in the story soon? When will he make his big break?
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He's a quiet background sort of fellow, but he should be making another appearance fairly soon!
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Cool ^^ me liking :D Great work.