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Ultimate Sailor Alex + Enrica



Maxwell never got a genderswapped AU counterpart in Sailor Hellsing, but only because I didn't write far enough.

Enrica isn't a Sailor Knight herself -- she just shows up to undermine the team, and to give Alex a crisis of loyalties. They make friends and start working together by the time Alex powers up into Ultimate Sailor Regenerator, with an exciting new set of plant-based powers.

In the style of the SMS laserdisc covers, with a pose borrowed from Seiya/Star Fighter.

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Hm...  I don't know much about Sailor Moon so perhaps I'm the wrong person to be bringing this up, but I enjoyed BKSH during its run.  So I'm curious:  What do you think of the WMG of Enrico as BKSH's equivalent of Prince Diamond?
Near the bottom of Shine's WMG page:…