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Ultimate Sailor Alex + Enrica

By ErinPtah
Maxwell never got a genderswapped AU counterpart in Sailor Hellsing, but only because I didn't write far enough.

Enrica isn't a Sailor Knight herself -- she just shows up to undermine the team, and to give Alex a crisis of loyalties. They make friends and start working together by the time Alex powers up into Ultimate Sailor Regenerator, with an exciting new set of plant-based powers.

In the style of the SMS laserdisc covers, with a pose borrowed from Seiya/Star Fighter.

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Hm...  I don't know much about Sailor Moon so perhaps I'm the wrong person to be bringing this up, but I enjoyed BKSH during its run.  So I'm curious:  What do you think of the WMG of Enrico as BKSH's equivalent of Prince Diamond?
Near the bottom of Shine's WMG page:…
ErinPtah's avatar, man, some of those WMGs are much better than the actual ideas I had.

Enrico would make an incredibly appropriate Prince Dimande. The only drawback is, almost everyone else in Iscariot has already been cast in other parts of the story. So it would be tough to fill in the rest of the Black Moon Clan in a way that works at all, let alone works that well.