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Truthiness - Team TARDIS Four

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Poster for this fic, in which Stephen Colbert, Sarah Jane Smith, and the Fourth Doctor have civilization-saving, paradox-dodging, Master-kissing adventures across time and space.

Download for full-size version plus wallpapers (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024).

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Colbert travelling in the TARDIS is one of the most hilarious fanfic ideas ever.  Even better than this one fic I came across that had him as a Hogwarts professor!
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Thank you! It was a lot of fun to write =)
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The very idea for this is so awesome… And the picture's great too!
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archangel72367Student Digital Artist
Your work featured in my journal! Thank you!
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Stephen Colbert!? :lmao:
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Stephen Colbert!
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Tolco492Student General Artist
Awwwwww wow that is utterly amazing !!
Respect to Santa and his twelve little Elves who live in the holy land os ASDA !! <3
Rebell agianst Mily Cyrus who lives in the forbidden land of TESCO !!!! :(
Seriosly guys this is a real religion !!! :P
That i amde up so now dissin'
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Nice little poster you've created here, very nice indeed...I do like how you've detailed the Doctor and his traveling companions, but I don't seem to recall him and Sarah Jane Smith traveling with anybody named Stephen Colbert (although I suppose that's part of the fanfiction you mentioned earlier). And as for that version of the TARDIS's interior I recall, the Doctor didn't redecorate the TARDIS in that fashion until some point in time during the middle of his fifth incarnation. How did that happen?
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It's a crossover fic. You've never heard of Stephen Colbert? Look him up - you're missing out!

Also, if there's a difference in the TARDIS' interior themes between the First and Seventh Doctors, it's too subtle for me to pick out. I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific.

And thanks!
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Okay, then! I'll be sure to look into that!

Oh, and insofar as the TARDIS's interior layout patterns is concerned, i'm talking about the difference between the Fourth Doctor's interior layout and the interior layout that you featured in the poster, which the Doctor didn't install until sometime during the middle of his fifth incarnation. But...well, now that I think about it, it's really not that important. Please don't pay any heed to my did a great job on the poster regardless.
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I've been reading you're stories on Teaspoon, but can't review there so I must say that they are great and I especially enoy (jjjjjjjj key is sticking) your little illustrations!
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Thanks! Collages of them will be up on this DA account eventually =)
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DeaMaxwellHobbyist General Artist
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dude, is that 4's TARDIS? it's so clean and white...
SarahJane's outfit is so groovy. i like how she's sort of looking affectionately at Stephen. i like how you drew her, really.
heh. Master-kissing adventures. how awesome was that?
did you see last week's Report? Stephen totally shot his ex-lover! and again last night! silly Stephen; he's so charmingly eccentric.
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That's the old-school TARDIS! The new one was a kind of shocking change, but it still has the hexagonal console, and the roundels on the walls.

Trigger-happy Stephen is hilarious. But painful.

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GirlycardFangirlHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love both the 4 and 10 versions of this! The story alone is brilliant and these pictures of yours make it even better! (Also doesn't make a person feel old for likeing the older doctors still X3)
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I'm somewhat affraid about who's going to be doing the kissing with The Master, then again as it's when certain 'things' weren't allowed to be said on tv I guess it's falls onto Sarah :(
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Ah, but this isn't '70s TV, it's modern-day fic. That said, it doesn't fall to the Doctor (in this fic, at least).
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