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Timothy and the Rose Bride

Uncompressed version of a sword-drawing Shine strip.

Timothy is an awkward and experienced young Iscariot agent, but darned if he doesn't have the heart of a prince - which means the Rose Bride can make use of him.

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A Thorny AU Situation by ErinPtah Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014 by ErinPtah Three Years of Being by ErinPtah BICP - Master Timothy by ErinPtah 
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O.o looks like it hurts dued to the expresion on Anthy's face
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Oh, I love this... Thimothy is a great character, and this story is growing better and better with every panel!
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he actually looks a little like Integra! hm, i wonder why her hair's down.
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Coincidence, I assure you ^_^;

UTENA SPOILERS: This is post-series Anthy, thus the unbound hair. (She ditched her glasses in the last episode too, but soon found out that she actually needed them to see.)
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o i see; i think i was assuming once she escaped Ohtori she wouldn't be keeping her brother's soul in her chest.
heh. that's a funny sentence.
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And I was about to check Shrine right after checked DA :P
All hail the mighty lens flare. Despite rumours, it CAN be used for good ','
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the texted version is nice too.

"If you can hear me right now..."
"If you hadn't told me to do this, I totally wouldn't have touched your chest. I swear."

Such a good boy aint he
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After reading the text off the link, now I can see the embarrassment.
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I love this pic ^^
I really like the storyline too :D
I figured he was going to be all embarrassed about pulling it out of her chest. This scene's got an iconic feel about it.
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