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Three Years of Being

The third year of But I'm A Cat Person kicks off today!

Do you like magical comedy-adventure stories? Interested in moral ambiguity, soulbond-type emotional stress, and maybe a canon woobie who is literally a puppy? Ever watch Pokémon and start thinking too much about how ethical it is to be making your mostly-sapient pets fight each other? How do you feel about lots of non-white main characters, in a cast that has gotten commenters asking why more of them aren't straight and/or male? Want a story about geeks who aren't stock media archetypes, but actually feel like the kind of geeks you know (and, let's be real here, are)?

But I'm A Cat Person: being everything fandom claims to want in a fandom since 2011. Seriously, go check it out.

A Very BICP Holiday by ErinPtah Candy Corn and Candlelight by ErinPtah
Cat People, Gaia Style by ErinPtah But I'm A Cat Senshi by ErinPtah 
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