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This Is (Not) A Normal Field Trip

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(There's a new Magic School Bus series in production. probably not how it's going to go. But we can dream.)

The year is 2015. A bunch of teenagers have been recruited by special paramilitary force FRIZ. Their mission: to put on color-coordinated suits, take a ride in some magic vehicles, and fight for the future of mankind.

Take chances! Make mistakes! You mustn't run away!


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When I was a kidI had five stars for the vision,as for it'd be a perfect crossover.The originality is 5 stars too,because it's not the exact NGE style but neither the exact MSB style either.It's original.I had five stars for the technique too,as for your thoughts were very clear,keeping the students to new knowlegde rates but keeping their original personalities.My impact on this was five stars, I loved the magic school bus,and now it just freaks me out.However,I have always liked NGE and this kind of sparked my interest.What if a crossover could become REAL?What if something like this could be created to spark people's interests in both shows one day?What if it was because of us it was created?I'm very hopeful.
I love this deviation!However,I have a question,is this story a few/bunch of years later?As in the students are now in their teens?
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This is a treat. Like really. I loved the Magic School Bus when I was young and Neon Genesis Evangelion is awesome but to mix the two? Let me just say it's weird but entertaining and pretty freakin awesome.
I like how the characters act like they do in the show (Carlos) but as if they were in Evangelion verse. Arnold, Carlos and Phoebe are very in character, but the icing of the cake is Ms.Friz. Like why do I honestly see Ms.Friz doing something like this as her day to day routine? That last panel is just too good to ass up and the pose just make it perfect.
My only real complaint is how off some characters look but in all I enjoy this. I hope you make a series like this because it would be so cool.
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shivaakaidHobbyist General Artist
The Janet reference made me burst out laughing!
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MatthewJabezNazarioAStudent Artist
mrtrollface2022, you like it?
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Chrispy92Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I hear their voices!
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Things would've gone soooooo much better.
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the fact that i get every joke in this (by way of every characters catch phrase that is) shows me just how old i'm getting these days. still love it though.
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ShamelessMagic Filmographer
My roomie and I just completed an entire marathon of TMSB today and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for this masterpiece
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DragonOfCourageHobbyist Writer
Ms. Frizzle pulled a Gendo Ikari! Just as planned.
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SparkMaster37Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, just yes!! Amazing crossover!!!
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HyperBlossom001Hobbyist General Artist
Darn right this isn't a normal field trip.....They turned anime!!! That's no fair!!
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jvenegasStudent Filmographer
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Vacuum-SadnessStudent General Artist
Is this a thing? This has to be a thing.
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If it isn't, it should be! I've already done my part =)
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very well drawn.
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lichdogartStudent Digital Artist
Haha this is wonderful. I love how you captured each character's most memorable lines :)
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LegendWeaver25Hobbyist General Artist
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Otaku-MomHobbyist Traditional Artist
I would so watch this! XD
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RobinTheBardHobbyist Traditional Artist
HELLO AMAZING!! :D I have never even watched Evangelion, but you just gave my childhood a jumpstart wake-up call!! xD Excellent job!
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Thank you! Always happy to spread some joy =)
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Duder-SkanksHobbyist General Artist
Oh GOD do I want this!
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ZSEDC4Professional Digital Artist
I have once dreamed a dream. But now that dream has been taken from me... and replaced by something I couldn't have dreamt of in ten years. 
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I never knew i needed this in my life until now.
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