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They Only Fuse for Janice

By ErinPtah
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I've been on a tear with Night Vale Crystal Gems lately. Designing Gems, especially fusions, is so addictive. It's like discovering otaku senshi all over again.

Red Coral and Moonstone are almost never able to fuse. Ugh, Moonstone cannot even with the idea of sharing a body/experience with that jerk. It's only when their stepdaughter/niece is in danger that their personalities and desires line up closely enough to form Abalone (another dead-sea-creature-based item, associated with the moon in Navajo mythology).

Moonstone's weapon is a microphone, which pulls double duty as a club. Red's, to go along with his marine theme, is a harpoon gun. Janice, half-human, inherited her gem and an axe from her mother: Moonstone's sister Amazonstone.

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...and you have the most IDIOTIC taste in shoes, Red Coral...
Red: I think they're homey and practical! We can't all be mavericks who wear sponge clogs in the rain!

Janice: Dad! Uncle Moonstone! Stop arguing and HELP!


Abalone: Nogem messes with my favorite kid.
Janice: That was SO AWESOME, Uncle/Dad Abalone!
Abalone: (I can never tell if I think I have the best or worst fashion sense in all of Night Vale.)

Weapons: Moonstone, Red Coral, Janice/Amazonstone
Gems: Red Coral, Abalone (between shoulder blades)
Gem: Janice (chest)
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I love this xD It's the best