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The World According To Shine

By ErinPtah
Setup for a crossover showdown.

The pieces are all in place. Time to start the game...

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Glitterboy2098's avatar
the BPRD from hellboy would have fit in well here..
Flyboy254's avatar
So the Japanese was Unit 731? Or am I horribly wrong?
ErinPtah's avatar
Absolutely right.
Flyboy254's avatar
Then may I be allowed to wet myself in fear and terror, knowing what they did in real life?
Read the comic and stuff and I really liked it, mostly due to the crossovers involved. I kinda laughed a bit since the US (and perhaps Canada to an extent) and Japan weren't shown to have anti-paranormal groups like Hellsing. I mean they do, but they appear only in other properties.

It'd be nice to see them at least in cameos (By groups) fighting the Nazi vampires. I mean, you don't get to see Calvin and Hobbes preparing for something big. XD

I'd be happy to answer questions though about what I've said.
KitsuneSam's avatar
I flipped when I saw Ann. When you mentioned Warbucks I was like '. . . No way.' xD Useful map is useful. I wonder how this all works into Hetalia... C:
Is this going to be a showing of how the events of later Hellsing volumes fit into a larget cosmology, or will these events change?
ErinPtah's avatar
The events of later Hellsing volumes will happen along generally the same lines in the Shineverse. They'll involve a lot more tie-ins to these organizations and their operations, though. (Does that answer your question? I wasn't quite sure what you're asking...)
That about sums it up.
Paruser's avatar
Man, why don't the Jews ever get a cool paranormal organization? All we ever get are global conspiracies. I want to see some kosher ninja throwing sharpened Stars of David into peoples' eyes!
ErinPtah's avatar
Yeah, but you've got Jon Stewart, so it balances out :D

(Seriously, though, if you think of any anime/cartoon characters who are Jewish and would make good ninjas, let me know and I'll sort out a cameo...)
Joellehart's avatar
I always thought Spike Speigel from Cowboy Bebop was Jewish.

Paruser's avatar
After careful consideration, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that most Jews in popular culture are just too nebbish to make good ninja. (And are there even any Jews in anime? Or Japan?)

There is one exception, one which even comes with his own secret religious organization. The Hebrew Hammer. [link] Bad ninja, awesome Alucard-esque special agent.
ErinPtah's avatar
There are probably about four Jews in Japan. But if they can make anime about British Anglicans, I'm sure there's room for Jewish people too.

That looks awesome, and I'll have to check it out =)
Paruser's avatar
Yay! My most heartfelt thanks. I'd perform a fanboy-glomp, but our universe has very persnickety laws of physics.
artoni's avatar
..............all I can think of is Hannukah Harry and I don't think he'll work. ._.
sarasalucardsgirl's avatar
OMG i love the and shine haven now comic...i am a huge bf is zombie who was in fangirls are hell....
ereyes's avatar
I'm looking forward to seeing how his storyline unfolds. Excellent work, as usual.
McMonster-Ridgeback's avatar
Oooh, now I can use it to play Risk! XD
AtticusBlackwolf's avatar
awesome looking!! I'm :+fav: for Shine reference........Shinefrence?
shanejayell's avatar

Looking forward to it.
GirlycardFangirl's avatar
Ah yes, Shine=Best comic on the internet for many years running.
I think it's interesting how much you've improved since the site was first up and running Erin ^-^ That being said; it's always been brilliant, from the time it was started
(Oh god...I think i'm a fangirl...oh noes.)
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