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The Way To Raise An Heir

Integra, Alucard, and their daughter Anessa, from DuchessRaven's marvelous fic The Way to Raise an Heir (sequel to The Way to an Heir, which is AxI mpreg and works).

Done for DuchessRaven's birthday, because I love just about everything she's written.

Tumblr: Reblog from here, don't repost!

Witch Cat Reseda by ErinPtah Pixel Dolls - Hellsingers in Costume by ErinPtah BKSH - Countess Integrity by ErinPtah AxI - Hold Me Up by ErinPtah 
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I love this so much omg!! You wouldn't happen to have another link to The Way to an Heir would you? I can't seem to get the ones provided to work and I'd love to read it! No pressure tho!❤

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You are a doll! Thank you lots! :D

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Aw! The story's gone!
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Scan the other comments, I posted an alternate link =)
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Loved that story so much! I wish it wasn't taken down, do you think their is any way of getting a copy of the story? Or not?
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Aw, man, it's been taken down? That sucks. Have a downloadable copy.
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Thank you so much for the copy and the art!!!! I love this fanfic so much and was crushed when it was taken down! 
Yes! THANK YOU! I've been searching for this since my old hard disk had to be replaced MONTHS ago! (Since stupid me forgot to back it up on my flashdrive...^^0)
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OMG! Thank you so much!
since it was taken down I don't have a way to connect the author do you think it would be alright to trump load this story (all credits would go to the author of course! I won't steal another's hard work!) 
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"Trump load"? (Upload?)

I don't think you should re-upload the story to a site like without the author's permission. But feel free to share this link, if there are people you want to recommend the fic to =)
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Thanks for the upload and thanks for your thought about reuploading the story and your right. I don't wanna to step anyone's toes and I will be sure to share the link if anyone wants to read the story!  (On and it was reupload for trump load sorry about that my fingers sometimes moves faster then I think sometimes) 
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I like how Little Annie reminds me of Girlycard.
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I am very in love with these outfits. Alucard's little bow tie, and the tails! I can't really imagine an adult Integra in a dress...but who cares? I couldn't imagine her in a playboy bunny outfit originally either. Now I can. Thank you oh so much.
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oh yes i've written her fanfic, it's wonderful! i hope she likes her present too!
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sorry, that was "read" , my bad!
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How is AxI Mpreg? Isn't it suppose to mean Preg? Just curious.

Their daughter's beautiful. She looks just like her father when he was Girlycard. :giggle:
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Alucard was the one who got pregnant, that's how ^_~

Read it and you'll see!
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Hum. Not the strangest idea for an heir for the Hellsing line. The strangest, by far, i have ever heard of was an idea for a fic, no the fic itself, wherein Integra gets it on with the God Emperor of Man from Warhammer 20k.

A fine example of this person's madness is here:

A full description of the fic is here:

Oh, and Thousand Shinji was a Warhammer40k/Evangelion fanfic where Shinji gets tutored by a Chaos Sorceror in the ways of Tzintichi (sp? I can never remember). Tzintichi being the God of Xanatos Gambits.
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