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The Successors of Dr. Belacqua, Year 2

By ErinPtah
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Carlos's team of experimental theologians (and their daemons), the new arrivals in the second year of the His Dark Materials AU. A new biologist, a linguist, a bunch of people from various branches of Rusakov particle physics...and Sherie's family, because she heard "taking this job in Night Vale will be incredibly dangerous and possibly deadly" and thought "for the people doing the work, yes, but my kids will just be going to school and hanging out with friends, so I'm sure they'll be fine."

She'll learn. As will the kids, especially when Tamika Flynn's anti-Strex campaign kicks into high gear.

(Seth's daemon is still unsettled at this point, just trying on the form of a desert wheatear.)

Frame stock courtesy of Tigers-stock.

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Because of COURSE you bring your whole family to deadly-danger-land!