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The Parents We Choose

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"The fathers you choose for yourself are the significant ones."
Robertson Davies

A collection of child characters and their significant fathers. (Or mother, in the case of Sarah Jane.)

Top left: Sarah Jane and Luke Smith (Doctor Whoniverse)
Bottom left: Yasha and Ashura (RG Veda)
Top center: Aoki Daisuke and Kokonoe Rin (Kodomo no Jikan) (fair warning, this series goes for the Bunny Drop ending)
Bottom center: Walter Dornez and Integra Hellsing (Hellsing)
Right: Alexander Anderson with Enrico Maxwell, Yumie/ko Takagi, and Heinkel Wolfe (Hellsing)

Download for wallpaper versions (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1600x1200).

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MamaAvriHobbyist Digital Artist
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TemariTrainerHobbyist General Artist
I love the Iscariots in this picture! :heart:
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StephenW3stProfessional Digital Artist
Alexander Anderson forever (you bloody Catholic)!
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Raven-HimeHobbyist Artist
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larg-sanStudent Photographer
rin love daisuke xD but not love of fathers

it's pure love xD
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Rin thinks it's romantic love, but it isn't. She loves Daisuke because he doesn't take advantage of her.

Do you remember when Rin disguised as a boy, and Daisuke touched her chest? Remember how upset she was?

If he ever purposely treated her like a wife or a girlfriend, instead of like a student or a daughter, she would be just as upset. What she really wants is someone to take care of her.
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larg-sanStudent Photographer
OMG you're right xD
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FriederikeHobbyist General Artist
Now that Its 2014 we now for sure they are a couple.... because the manga ended last year
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larg-sanStudent Photographer
Actually dats true but the manga have a bad ending i expected  more
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FriederikeHobbyist General Artist
Indeed, Its like it ended too early
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*iz very happy*

Real nice piece!
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-jaw drop- Niiice. Wow, I didn't know you liked Kodomo no Jikan, Erin. I just finished catching up with the manga. (This is Mars from the forums)
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Yep. I don't talk about it a lot because most people think the series is just lolicon fanservice, but KnJ has a great story, and I'm hooked =)
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Yeah, I like it too. Although I was wondering why Rin was so... harassing.
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Children who are sexually abused may become seductive, as a way of gaining some control in their lives. (The reasoning is "I can't stop the abuse from happening, but maybe I can at least decide when and where it happens.")

In other words, Rin's testing Aoki. Remember the scene when they rescue the cat? Very early on, the story was already hinting about her trust issues. Before she can let herself trust Aoki, she has to make sure he'll resist everything she can throw at him.

(Admittedly, a lot of this is done in an uncomfortably fanservicey way. But the psychology behind it is sound.)

And she does want him to resist. Remember the time Rin disguised as a boy, and got seriously freaked out when Aoki started roughhousing with her? She's come to count on the fact that he won't touch her in certain ways, even when she tries to provoke it. That's why she was frightened and embarrassed (not excited and eager) when all of a sudden he did.

(...heh, was that far more explanation than you expected? You can tell I've put too much thought into this =P)
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Nah, it's perfect. It puts my mind to rest somewhat. (I can't wait until it's done. I really want to see what happens.)

And it's good to put lots of thought into things. I just do it at odd times like when I'm reading Axis Powers Hetalia. I really want to know how far their roles go and things like that. Perhaps I could do a whole Watchmen-like thing on the idea of Moe Anthromorphism. (With a considerably [b]lighter[/b] tone.)

Educational on all accounts: History, human nature, politics, stuff like that. Also, how would one come to be like that? Just little questions that nag people like me.

So many possibilities, huh?
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Oh, excellent. (Me too - I want flash-forwards of adult!Rin in a healthy relationship with someone her own age so hard.)

I would totally read a Watchmen-style deconstruction on moe anthropomorphism :D
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I think Reiji might be happier with an older Mimi. Still lolicon and (from what Rin's said) like Aki, but not related and more likely to return his feelings.

(I understand his warped view. Don't approve of abusing his power over Rin, but I understand the psychology)

All in all, I care just enough for everyone to have a happy ending, but not enough to be biased against one character.
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I'm iffy on that relationship - the problems aren't as immediately obvious, but I still don't think it's healthy.

I do feel sorry for Reiji, knowing what he's been through, and that he really does care for Rin. But at the same time, he's dangerous (remember the kitchen scene with the knife?).

In my ideal ending, Rin would be put in someone else's (Aoki's?) care, and Reiji would get some serious therapy (including some decent parenting of his own). But if it comes down to a choice between them, I'm in Rin's court all the way.
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GrenadierJorindeHobbyist Writer
I love the Iscariot family....sooooooooo cute XD
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10th Doctor and his "daughter." (Not overly dark, but he was clearly not the most caring parent.)

Rippy and Major. (He's a father figure who sends her out to be raped and eaten by a monster...knowing that's exactly what would happen.)

Integra and her uncle. (He was technically her guardian, I think.)

Hojo and Sephiroth. (Hojo injected Jenova cells into the womb of his wife just to see what would happen. Sephiroth was the result.)

Black Lady and Wise Man.

Prof. Tomoe and Hotaru, during Tomoe's period of being possessed. (Haruka with Hotaru would've worked for this pic, I think.)

Aizen with young Gin from the Bleach flashback series. Ref: [link] [link]

Those are off the top of my head. I can think of more if you want me to.
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Sir-CatherineHobbyist Photographer
A twisted idea, but interesting to see played out.
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Would Seras and Alucard count?

Actually, Seras would have three fathers, wouldn't she? I think you made that joke in Shine once.
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