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The Millenipuff War Room

In the war room at Millenipuff HQ, Majorpuff (whose hair seems to have switched sides...oops) is supposed to be planning an invasion, but gets distracted by dessert.

Schroedipuff thinks this is the cat's meow. Docpuff is more skeptical.

Links to the rest on the Hellsingpuff page. Download for the image, full-sized blanks, and 22 LJ-size icons.
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:D how do you want to be credited?

~Thank you again~!! :heart:
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As "Erin Ptah", with a link to [link] =)
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-- along with "Erin Ptah"~
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Alrighty, soon as I get the journal all finished, there'll be a link to the site in comments, and one on the profile~! :D Thank you again!

XD; I know this has been said thousands of times, but they're sooo adorable~! XD; love Aru and Schro ones. ;3
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Schro are really awesome xD Major and Doc as nice as well :)
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schrodinger puff!!!!!! *tackle glomps*
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:D very very adorable ^^
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Schrodepuff is the cutest thing since... since Integrfapuff!
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Adorable! Schrö is a real cutie here. :)
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D'aawww, Schroedipuff is so cute. xD
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