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The Master and the Doctor

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Just finished watching the third New Who series finale. Somewhere along the line the Master's flying attack spheres reminded me of Pokéballs, and this was the result.

Featuring the Pokémon Master, Doctor Joy, and PK-9CHU.

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hahaha omfg so brilliant XD lol awesome
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fleecalHobbyist Writer
:icontoclafaneplz: i chose you
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DarkMagicianmidgitHobbyist Traditional Artist
....DA FAQ?
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Oh, god that was hilarious.
I don't know if you've ever seen this [link]
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theDoctorWhoFlygon10Student General Artist
I would like to add this picture to my group, but I'm not finding it. Would you please suggest it to the gallery for me?
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J0j2Hobbyist General Artist

Master <3
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For some strange reason, I now want a PK-9CHU plushie! I want one!!!!!! and LOL Doctor in a dress.
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Holyja...I'm both scared and intrigued. Nice.
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dannygyrrlHobbyist Traditional Artist
my ribs are aching over K-9 pikachu!!!!!
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Pokemon/DW crossover?
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Three-Legged-CowHobbyist Traditional Artist
<3 <3 <3
Lover-of-Zel's avatar
....tho i think the masters diggin doctors outfit
*kinky smex insues*
Ilssii-Koschei's avatar
Pokemon would be far more intersting if it had a few toclafane flying around in it.
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WindestaenzerinHobbyist Traditional Artist
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aragornsgirl333Hobbyist General Artist
I actually snorted with laughter when I saw this! Good job!
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Haha! The toclafane pokeball made me crack up!
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I saw the pokeball-toclafane connection too :)
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get ready for extermination
make it double
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LoraZoroNickTranceHobbyist General Artist
to protect the world from dalek invasion
to unite all cyberman within our nation!
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ha! this is great! and im not the only one who's thought of the doctor wearing a nurse outfit...
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I love this, although I am NOT a DOctor/Master shipper myself. I would rather 'ship The Doctor with Sailor Pluto.
ErinPtah's avatar
I'm not a Doctor/anyone shipper, but I think he and Sailor Pluto could have some fantastic conversations.

Thanks :D
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Cool! Nice that you feel that way about Sailor Pluto and the Doc, since they are both awesome characters who have time travel in common.
Melkitty's avatar
Hilarious!! I may not agree with your "No sex on the Tardis" beliefs and your anti-shipper beliefs (I'm a Doctor/female companion shipper myself), but I definitely find this Pokemon-DW crossover to be very funny indeed!
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