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The Amber Martini Glass by ErinPtah The Amber Martini Glass by ErinPtah
Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted Frank and Sadie Doyle making a cameo towards the end of the WtNV/His Dark Materials crossover....

Well, this is the backstory to that moment. (Or rather, this is all the Beyond Belief jokes I wrote over the course of the fic, never managed to fit into the story proper, but could not bring myself to waste.)

Sadie's daemon is an albino mink. Only the most elegant form for a Parker daughter! (N.B.: it's a close relative of the marten, the settled form of no less than Lyra Belacqua herself.) Frank's is a yellow-billed magpie, probably because she's always collecting things. This is a great hobby of hers which she is always talking about.

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A penthouse apartment, high above Park Avenue.

. . . and that's why we need people from every world to join our army -- to make a stand at the Clouded Mountain, where we'll defeat the Smiling God and win victory for the Republic of Heaven!

Frank: Sadie, love, do we know a Republic of Heaven?

Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle. Toast of the upper crust. Headliners on the society pages. And, oh, yes . . .

Steve: . . . they see ghoooosts!

Desert Bluffs: a science building controlled by the Night Vale Book Club.

Carlos: According to Fey, you two will be a great help in facing down the Smiling God! You have a high resistance to mind control, a history of squaring off against your universe's local godlings . . .

And your love for each other is so monumental that we can actually detect it using experimental theology! If you like, I'll show you --

Yes, thank you, our love is the best. Ooh, this must be your dæmon!
Frank: Demon? Where?!
Sadie: Nooo, Frank, dæmon. With a ligature.

Sadie: And, ooh, isn't she just perfect and adorable? If I had a dæmon, I would want an armadillo! No, wait! An ermine. No! A budgerigar. No! An ocelot. No, a chinchilla. No, a corgi. No! A lyrebird. Nooo! A kangaroo rat. No! A...

Serafina Pekkala: Ah, but you do have daemons! And even though yours are internal, witches have a special way of seeing them. Some short-lived non-witches like yourselves can learn the skill, given a lot of practice, concentration, and diligent --

Sadie: Why, here they are!
Frank: It's just like you said! They were with us all along -- all we had to do was look!
Serafina: That's not what / How did you / What??

Carlos: As thanks for your help, you can have your pick of technological achievements from a wide variety of worlds...
Sadie: Oh, no, darling! That must be lovely for you science types, but we shall keep accepting our payment in the form of your incredibly-strong Night Vale liquor.
Frank: That's right!

Frank: As long as you keep this topped off, we are your loyal allies in this valiant struggle for . . . ah . . . Sadie, love, what's the word I want? Thing we're fighting for, terribly important, describes any time you and I are together?

Sadie: Franklin Rusakov Crossover Doyle, are you talking about the Republic of Heaven?


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jillamos Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student Filmographer
nice! I love BB and you incorporated their jokes well in the comic! *clink!*
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