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Terrifying Gem Army

By ErinPtah
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Good job, Jasper. Rose Quartz and the rebels sure are gonna be intimidated, here.

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Jasper: All right! You two are the founding members of my new ferocious Gem Army, which will take back the planet earth for the glorious Yellow Diamond, and defeat Rose Quartz once and for all! Fall in, soldiers!!


Jasper: Uuuuurgh . . . we'll work on the "ferocious" part.
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They'll defeat the Crystal Gems one nuzzle and tummy rub at a time!
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such intimidation indeed
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This had to have happened
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These two are just a giant pair of puppies!
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I keep having the idea that Jasper would try to fuze with a new gem but since gem would be unstable Jasper's light form would just up being 'food' for her until Steven and the other gems would stabilize her.
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Possibly. I don't know if corrupted gems can fuse in the first place, and you can't singlehandedly force someone into a fusion, so I can't see that plan working out real well...
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She, wouldn't be so much corrupted as the result of a failed experiment in that the she to absorb a gems lightform to herself together and that would give her the mentality that she is a predator.
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Based on the appearance of the real-life gemstones "crazy-lace agate" and "Biggs' jasper", it's implied this is the "Crazy Lace" and "Biggs" that Bismuth talks about in the early part of her episode.
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Actually, I think the blue one is Ocean Jasper since it has a similar pattern, ythe brown one looks like Biggs Jasper.
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I looked up crazy lace before, and that's apparently a brownish coloration too, same with biggs, though i wish i looked that up before drawing who i thought would be crazy lace (aka the slinker) xp

but the brownish quartz beast may just be biggs.
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I agree with that theory, which is why I tagged the comic with those gem names =)
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Fortunately "Snowflake" (snowflake obsidian), while still unrevealed, at least currently seems to have escaped sharing that fate.
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