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Ten BICP Pairings

Ten ways of showing affection with But I'm A Cat Person duos.

Holding hands: Cybele & her Master.
Grabbing the arm: Patrick & Sparrow.
Entwined fingers: Miranda & Poe (human form).
Hugging: Bianca & Sparrow.
Embracing: Dot & Sparrow. (...I assume these two terms were different in the original Japanese.)
Holding from behind: Bianca & Patrick.
Lifting up, princess style: Reseda & Timothy.
Carrying on back: Sparrow & Bennett.
Hiding the face in: Reseda & Camellia.
Touching foreheads: Jany & Kara Lynn.

Blank meme:
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In some manga "hugging" or "Embracing" mean sex. Seems interchangeable.

Anyhoo, super cute artwork. =)
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Ahhh. One of those was probably more innuendo-laden in the original, then.

Thanks ^_^
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Probably. Can't be helped though. Translations are never exact.

You're very welcome. I'm a long time fan of your stuff and don't compliment you enough.
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Can I take the idea of this meme for my story pairings as well? Proper credits will be given as well.

- Miss Nellie -
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It's not my meme; it's from someone on Pixiv, translated by someone else on dA. So, yes, go ahead and take it -- I did =)
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- Miss Nellie
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