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'Teggy Loves Spaghetti

For a "little (or chibi) Integra" contest at :iconintegral-fanclub:.

When I saw the theme, the first thing I thought was "I want to draw little Integra eating spaghetti." No idea where it came from, but I went with it.

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Just a big ol' puppy dog by ErinPtah Girls In Gowns by ErinPtah Wolf Charmer by ErinPtah AxI - Batty For You by ErinPtah 
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xx-lilmizzknottee-xx's avatar
Man, now I spgetti n metblls. ^_^ (fail baby talk)
FilledeMarius's avatar
Eeeeee! I love her!
pitchperfect's avatar
Oh jeez, this is just adorable! Teggy sure does love her some PASTA~!!!!
Kunsthaus's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. . .
Fomalhaut48's avatar
...and you've done it very well :) It's sweet, and I love the "Teggy" nickname :)
Dark-Kaos's avatar
'Teggy? I'll have to remember that one (and have her hunt me down as a result, but it's worth it). She looks adorable, hope this isn't the last we see of her like this ','
ZizziHungarian's avatar
She is so cute, and looks so... frightened? I think yes. But I love her on this pic!
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
that's so adorable! her expression rules :heart:
AtticusBlackwolf's avatar
awww soo cute^_^ I saw the title and thought there would be a lady and the trmp reference but this is SOOOOO much CUTER!!!!!!
Tarenja's avatar
she is VERY kawaii ^^ :D
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
On top of spagetti, all covered with cheese...

is she eating right?
Claudia-C18's avatar
aww this looks great! she IS very cute eating spaghetti :D
141188's avatar
Aww, to think she's been so innocent once. Adorable.
shanejayell's avatar
*dies of cute overload*
Aww... she is just so absolutely adorable! If I were a crazy old auntie I'd be pinching her cheeks in a second.
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