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Tamaputian Thorn AU

By ErinPtah
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Belated fill for the March prompt over at :icongt-fluff: -- first meetings in the Leif & Thorn AU where Thorn is Tamaputian!

Along with being pocket-sized, he gets a Tamaputian name and a traditional warrior outfit, complete with sandals and stripey skirt. Leif is mostly the same, but they let him wear short sleeves full-time, because it gets hot on this island.

"Taramoa" is a plant with the English name "bush lawyer." In the main universe I should probably give that to a character who gets arrested.

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Wallpaper - Gem Fashion Ensemble by ErinPtah Surf's Up by ErinPtah Pocket Thorn by ErinPtah  A Little Nap by ErinPtah  The Other Side of the Mountains by ErinPtah

Taramoa: There could be political dangers here, as well as the obvious physical hazards from working at a giant embassy. We need to be alert for all kinds of --

Leif: Ah! Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you! I'm right here, I'll get it off...

Taramoa: Th-thank you. I am Taramoa Waireka of Tamapoa. And you...?

Leif: Leif. Just Leif. Sorry, but...why are you here to guard us?
Taramoa: I really do not know.
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So is Tamapoa protected from invasion because they're valued for their abilities to gather intelligence for others?
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They're like Monaco -- the United Islands has pledged to use its army to protect them if anyone attacks, but the country is so small that an invasion wouldn't get you much in the first place.