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TJ 4koma 6: There Is Another

By ErinPtah
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Carlos almost manages to break through the Man in the Tan Jacket's amnesia field, via the power of geek references.

...and then forgets the whole thing a minute later. Story of TJ's life.

The whole series: Man in the Tan Jacket 4koma

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Carlos: Can I ask you something awkward and personal?
TJ: You won't remember the answer, so, sure.

Carlos: Even though I don't remember any specific encounters with you, I have a vague sense that there are patterns. Repeating themes. Heartfelt expressions, wistful tones of voice, that you always get with certain subjects . . . look, are you in love with Cecil?

TJ: What?! NO! Absolutely not! Good lord, when did my life turn into Star Wars?
Carlos: Okay! Sorry!

Carlos: ...
TJ: Humph.

Carlos: As in, "Of course I love him, silly, he's my --"

Carlos: ...

Carlos: ...
TJ: Well?? Finish the quote!

Carlos: Sorry, I must have spaced out for a second. Was I saying something?
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eatprayloveHobbyist General Artist
I like your headcanon about TJ even more now.
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fastfeetnellaHobbyist Photographer
So close! XD
btw, I totally blame you for giving me all the 'Man in the Tan Jacket' feelings. It hurts but it's so fitting.
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Yessss. Feelings for everyone =D