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TJ 4koma 16: Remind Me Of The Babe

By ErinPtah
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One more Man in the Tan Jacket 4koma (now collected in their own folder!). This one still works if Cecil's lost brother is not secretly TJ, but I'm sticking it in the series anyway.

This may be the last of the 4koma for a while. I'm all out for now, and there's no telling whether the next set of Night Vale episodes will inspire more. Fellow TJ fans, cross your fingers....

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Cecil: Hey, Earl . . . don't answer if the knowledge is forbidden, but do you remember my brother?
Earl: Your hot older brother? Sure!

Cecil: . . . He was hot?
Earl: Are you kidding? Even back when he was thirteen, I was only eight, so he seemed impossibly mature and sexy.
TJ (past): You're looking for Cecil, right? He's in his room.

Earl: And by the time I was sixteen, he was a twenty-one-year-old college boy, and was definitely a babe. Anyone could see it.
TJ (past): Cecil! Earl's here!

Earl: Then when I was nineteen he was a dreamy twenty-four . . . and when I was nineteen he was a gorgeous twenty-seven . . . and when I was nineteen he was a suave thirty-one . . . and when I was --
Cecil: Okay, Earl, you can snap out of it now!
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