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Strexcorp's Most Wanted

By ErinPtah
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Current state of Carlos' team of experimental theologians in the His Dark Materials AU. (A riff on that classic X-Men: Days of Future Past cover.)

Granted, most of these are just casualties of Night Vale being Night Vale -- but Strexcorp is actively working to get its claws in everyone who's left.

(The box contains a spyglass, a bunch of bloodstones, and the Little Reporter's Book of Big-Boy Note-Taking.)

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Hm, what about Cecil?
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No reason to "want" Cecil when they own him already.
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optical-jacksonHobbyist General Artist
Recognized the references immediately, very nice.
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That's Night Vale for you =)
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"TREE" is the right shape and size for "FLED", to the point that I didn't notice it until I started looking.
I was kind of hoping for "municipalmente muertos", but this is good too.

On a separate note: excellent homage! I like the reversal of the Kitty-and-Wolverine dynamic created by juxtaposing Carlos and Tamika.
Creating the grid of reference portraits for the scientists was an excellent move, and using it for this afterward is a stroke of genius.
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Heh, could've been worse -- at first I was using the label "DEAD" instead of "KILLED", but then almost all the labels blended together.

I don't think Fleur *is* municipally dead -- she's still alive, and non-severed, and in a form that you're legally allowed to acknowledge. (Either way, though, it's a Strex-produced poster, so they wouldn't use the term.)

I've been wanting to draw this homage for a while now -- not sure I had it in mind when I drew the first set of scientist reference pictures, but it was definitely planned by the time I got to the second. And of course Tamika is the blade-wielding protector...poor Carlos needs a lot more shielding than Kitty does ^_^;
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
I love that 'tree' is a valid option. Oh Night Vale . . .
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Is Rashi's absence foreshadowing, or was there just not room in the picture?
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Wasn't room in the picture ^_^; He's just offscreen. Or possibly right next to Tamika, but in the next world over.
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Oooh, would that work? Having someone's daemon in another world but near the corresponding location of the human? I'm sure Tamika will find some use for that!
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It would, and she will!
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