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Steve and Renee Carlsberg - The Troublemakers

By ErinPtah
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Art nouveau daemon AU Carlsbergs! Doting PTA dad Steve is teaching Renée everything he knows: firearm-handling, anti-government rabble-rousing, scone-making.

In this AU, Steve only recently began dating Janice's mother, so he hasn't added "stepfather" to his list of roles yet. Oh, but it's coming. (Renée and Janice first met at Book Club, and they're already getting on like a house on fire.)

And yes, Steve is wearing clogs. With socks. What is he thinking? Get it together, Steve.

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That four-eyed thing is weird. Is that canon? I forget.
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This particular character is an OC, so everything about her is fanon -- but it is canon that a bunch of Night Vale citizens have extra eyes. (It's mentioned in episode 12 that the noisy sunsets in Old Town Night Vale were causing them.)
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