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Squicks vs. Triggers

By ErinPtah
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There's plenty of trauma to go around among Leif & Thorn characters. Also, plenty of narrative DNWs.

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Something you find icky, off-putting, viscerally unpleasant. Even when a squick doesn't hit you personally, it's usually not hard to understand how it could bother someone else.

Juniper: For me, it's bugs. Insects, spiders, slugs -- anything creepy and crawly.
Rowan: Infidelity. If a friend did it I might try to understand, for their sake . . . but I can't read about it.
Annie: Secondhand embarrassment, oh golly. I've gotta skim those scenes in books, and walk out of the room when they come on-screen.
Violet: Kissing noises. Which is rough, because I love romances, but can't be having with that wet smacking sound.
Leif: I like a story where the couple is into xxxx xxxxxx and xx xxx xxxx, but it's squicky if the one who's in the xxxxx role asks for xxxx.

Something that provokes a mental illness reaction, such as a PTSD flashback or a depressive episode. A lot of triggers aren't obviously upsetting in their own right. The brain can associate a traumatic event with any random object or sensation that was around at the time.

Rowan: Okay, you know those hanging wall tapestries with the intricate, pretty diamond patterns? Those are at the top of my list.
Annie: I can't take confined spaces anymore. Get panic attacks if I can't see outside.
Birch: There's this kind of jello they serve in hospitals . . . especially the blue flavor.
Thorn: The smell of cooking meat -- especially when I'm stressed.
Leif: I don't know this in-universe yet, but I have problems with having my neck licked.
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So LEIF is having NSFW squick answer? ... not sure if I should be more or less surprised.
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Ohh, Leif has hidden depths here. Real deep depths.