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Solstices and Equinoxes

A Hellsing for all seasons.

Done for a contest over at :iconhellsingers:. I'll let you know how it goes =)


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Download for variously-sized wallpapers (1280x800, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, and two 320x480 (iPhone)).

Christmas Fanservice 2009 by ErinPtah PxS - Ready for bed? by ErinPtah Hellsing 2030 -Spoilers- by ErinPtah Making Strides - Meow -NSFW- by ErinPtah AxI - Sign of the Cross by ErinPtah 
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This picture is made of win. I'm adding this to my faves.
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I thought I left a message here. I really like the theme (although my personal picks for seasons are different for the four of them). Integra is my favorite one in the picture. Her image has a particular nice shading.
ErinPtah's avatar
Glad you like =) The seasons here were chosen mostly for the color schemes - what would your picks have been?
HellsingThess's avatar
I understand. The color schemes-stuff are very well thought.

For symbolism in characters?

Alucard = Winter, because is the death of life. He's been dead for a long while.
Seras = Fall, because is the symbolism of fading life. Seras' struggle and slowly turn into winter herself.
Pip = Spring, because he was human for MOST part of the series, and is a season connected to rebirth. While true, Seras can be connected to this, she only spent a few one liner pages as human. It was Pip who was introduced more as human and then got transformed eventually.
Integra = Summer, because out of the three, she's the one with a fulfilled life. True, Summer eventually leads to Fall and Winter (which could symbolize her life eclipsing and choosing vampirism in the end), but it's she who grew up and bloomed through the story.
Monsters-Master's avatar
Happy Day!
It suits them all so well.
Although...there's so much sunshine and flowers around Seras I may damn-well puke!
Pip looks so glorious and natural.
And this post wouldn't be complete without a joke about the 'Ice Queen!'
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It's stronger as a set, with the gazes of Seras and Alucard pulling view to the center of the picture and Integral grabbing attention with her eyes to the viewer. Integral's is the best -- it's an unexpected way of drawing her, wouldn't seem to be in character, and yet it works here -- even the blue lips!
ErinPtah's avatar
It was drawn to be a set, so that would explain it, even though it was finished in pieces ^_^;

Glad you like!
ZizziHungarian's avatar
This is turned out very well; Integra looks a bit strange for me, but undoubtedly beautiful. :)
Vampiric-Blood's avatar
Its really good! Great job, its amazing. There is only one thing that bugs me about it. I don't mean to be rude but Seras and Alucard look like cyclops's, or is there a reason?

But besides that wonderful! :D
ErinPtah's avatar
Uh, because they're both seen in profile, and you can't see both eyes from that angle without seeing through their heads? o_<

Glad you like it overall, though!
shanejayell's avatar
I THINK the problem is the eye is too near the edge of the face.

It gives the impression there's just one big eye, rather than seeing the face from the side.

Especially on Alucard.
Thanos-san's avatar
Indeed. A wee bit more noseridge would've been better, aye? :P
Other than that, great pictures^^
Now I want a pair of golden dog-tags though.... xD
Vampiric-Blood's avatar
Ehhhhhhhh O.o never mind, I'm going to pretend i know what you mean lol! :D

Anyway Awesome! :love:
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