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Shine Profiles - Heaven and Hell

Angels, demons, spirits, and deities who show up in And Shine Heaven Now.

Good Omens:
Aziraphale and Crowley, official enemies, unofficial co-thwarters of apocalypses.

Hellsing: Integra's shoulder angel and devil; Sett, in cute chibi form; Harkonnen Spirit, on behalf of all the gun spirits.

Sailor Moon: Helios, caretaker of dreaming children.

Sandman: Death, on behalf of all the Horsepersons/Endless.

Pet Shop of Horrors: Count D, nature spirit, seller of everything from dragons to stuffed tigers.

Christianity in general: Baalberith the demon, Lisa the angel, and Jesus the perpetually disappointed.

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Shade, Sand, and Surf by ErinPtah  Shine Profiles - The Allies by ErinPtah  Thoroughly Modern Mary by ErinPtah  Integra's Family Tree by ErinPtah 

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