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Seras in Crimson

The gown from Seras' dream.

(It's actually based on a Holiday Barbie design. Barbie gets all the best clothes.)

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Master Miranda by ErinPtah Section XIII Slumber Party by ErinPtah Seras in Stripes by ErinPtah Rocky Hellsing Picture Show by ErinPtah 
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My true countess
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Very regal looking. Considering the nobility served as arbiters of the law (proto-police) during medieval times, I suppose it's appropriate.

Well done.
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Alucard never expectid Seras to become so strong if she drank the blood, now she's the master...and he is dead.

I find this epic!!! I got a similare idea but it'll be in writing and her clothes will be to say this, let's just say it ain't gonna be based off no barbie!!!
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Nice quite nice indeed, the colour fits her just like it does her master :)
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She is like a real vampire queen on this picture! :wow:
sarasalucardsgirl's avatar it the comics...
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Barbie does have the most awesome clothes... why doesn't Integra have a holiday dress? She's like... British Noble Vampire-Killer Barbie
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Now THAT is a Barbie I would run to the store for.
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Wow, that is awesome. I know thats meant to be lipstick... but at the same time I know it's meant to be (implied) blood. I'm just not sure which :P

Barbie though? yeah Barbie does get all the good stuff it seems O_O
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I was sure this would appear up on your dA account eventually. :P Barbie design huh...? How interesting. Well anyways, I'ma fave it, since I'm a Seras fanboy and it just looks too cool.
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She look amazing in that outfit xD
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Did Alucard put her in it?
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It may be based off a barbie design, but it's vampiretastic.
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Really pretty.... If I remember correctly this was the vote art a little while ago, right? I erally like all the details: Seras' lipgloos the ermine, the dress.

I agree Barbie has much cooler clothes. I think it has to dowith the can make a lot more dresses for Barbie with the material to make one for us XD
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Oooh, I like it. Your shading has gotten very good, I like the front panels of the dress quite a bit, as well as the skin and lips. I think the reds are rather dramatic as far as how black they get, but the overall effect is quite nice.

... so, Nosferatu Seras in Empirical England?
Well, the chair may look like a hellspawn abomination, but that dress is simply divine. It has a bit of a regal look to it. I also like the way that the center seem manages to effectively spit apart and thus show off...

Um... actually maybe it's best if I don't go there.
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All I can say is CUUUUUUUUTE XD
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